Manufactured Homes: More Affordable and Technologically Advanced

Manufactured Homes: More Affordable and Technologically Advanced! 

Today’s Homebuyers in the market for an affordable, technologically advanced home have slowly begun to realize that manufactured homes can fill that need with style…and on a budget. Currently in the United States there are approximately 22,000,000 US citizens comfortably calling 9 .5 million modular units HOME. And guess what? According to a study performed by the Owens Corning Corporation in 1999 and monitored by the National Family Opinion, discovered that the vast majority of manufactured homeowners were more than satisfied with their housing choice – a whopping 93%.

Over the past few decades, Manufactured homes have become increasingly appealing to America’s cash-strapped families. Thanks to their use of high quality construction materials, lofty architectural designs, superior amenities, ease of maintenance, improved site location options and increased availability of financing choices. Models like the Magnolia Platinum/MH – 213, or Kabco’s anniversary model/AS – 00, are fast becoming the new American home of choice.

For the uninformed, a single section home is constructed to be approximately 12 to 16 feet wide and up to 80 feet long. In order to create a larger residences, mlti-sectional homes are usually combined together, creating homes which can range from 24 to 32 feet wide and up to 70 feet in length; with some styles ranging in size from 400 ft.² to well over 2500 ft.².

Despite the fact that the affordability of single section and multi-section manufactured homes remain popular amongst American homebuyers, the two-story hybrids are fast becoming popular for today’s manufactured home buyers. Technologically advanced: with state-of-the-art technologies helping today’s factory worker make a better product and the American consumer needing more room for their family to grow, the two-story models that are fast becoming popular with both the home builders and buyer alike.

"the two-story hybrids are fast becoming popular for today's manufactured home buyers"

“the two-story hybrids are fast becoming popular for today’s manufactured home buyers”

Thanks to the surging cost of traditional stick-built homes, contrasted against the affordability and flexibility offered by the manufactured homes, it’s easy to see why so many people are gravitating towards this stylish affordable trend. Homeowners are living with flair and saving a mountain of cash.

Not only do today’s manufactured home buyers have a multitude of aesthetically pleasing choices to select from – they ultimately get more home for their buck. As traditional site built stick homes can cost approximately 35% more than today’s well-appointed manufactured homes.

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