Which Manufactured Home to Purchase? Answer these 21 Questions

This is a list of common questions for buyers that will make deciding which manufactured home will meet the needs of your family much easier.

  1. How much square feet and how many bedrooms will your family require?
  2. Will your family need both a living room and a family room?
  3. Will your family require large closets, linen, and storage areas?
  4. What features are important in the kitchen? (For example, an island work center or a large pantry).
  5. Do you prefer bathtubs, showers, or both?
  6. Is a large utility room, laundry sink, or clothes folding area necessary?
  7. How will the view be on your property?
  8. Are sliding glass doors for patio access desired?
  9. Bedrooms at one end, or would a split arrangement be best?
  10. Any window additions, enlargements, exchanges, etc?
  11. Will your home be all electric, or will you require natural gas?
  12. Is the standard insulation in floors, ceiling, and walls satisfactory for the climate in your moving location?
  13. Will your home require heavier roof load construction or will the standard 20 lb or a 30 lb be adequate?
  14. Will the roof require a high wind resistance application?
  15. Should you have 25-year fibreglass shingles?
  16. Do you prefer wallpaper or tape and textured drywall?
  17. Do you require larger passage doors for wheelchair access?
  18. Will you upgrade the quality of carpeting and pad in your home?
  19. Will the standard appliances be adequate?
  20. What exterior features or accessories do you require?
  21. How much money will your budget allow?

Once you answer these questions, you may consider adding some home options which will cost extra over and above the standard features listed on the manufacturer’s floorplan and brochure. Ask your dealer sales consultant to quote you the optional prices for these items and/or changes.

Once you have a final price for the perfect manufactured home built to your family’s needs, you can compare that price with your projected budget. You might discover that the total cost of a home with your desired features is less than what you anticipated. In that case, you might want to consider adding some luxury “wants” to your “needs.”  Every manufacturer offers a wide array of optional features to enhance your manufactured home lifestyle.


(Photo via http://texas-size-deals.com/page81.html)

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