“Dealing With The Right People Is Important,” Says Heart of Texas Housing Center in Temple, Texas

I’m confident that there a lot of potential manufactured home purchasers who have not explored the possibility of becoming a manufactured home owner due to the trepidation of engaging “pushy” salespeople. There are a lot of people that just do not want to deal with the perceived hassle associated with a “sales person.”

That perception is a carryover from the days of the original automobile mindset when mobile homes or trailers were sold using the same techniques employed by vehicle salespeople. That sale approach has pretty much gone by the wayside over the last number of years. Unfortunately, it does still exist at some mobile home dealerships.

I have had inquiries on this web-site from potential home purchasers wanting to be referred to a dealer where they could shop for a manufactured home where they would not encounter “high pressure” salespeople.

Recently I encountered a web-site for a manufactured home dealer in central Texas, Heart of Texas Housing Center, Temple, Texas. On this site they have posted an article entitled, “The 10 things you must know Before You Buy a New Manufactured Home.” All 10 questions are equally important information, all of which I have previously detailed extensively at this site.

The one question that is posed and answered by the good people of Heart of Texas is question #9. The question asked followed by their 3-part answer, with my additional comments, is as follows:

Q. I know that the company I’m dealing with is important, but how can I know that I’m dealing with the right people?

A. This is a HUGE issue! Fortunately, it is easy to know if you are dealing with the right people!

1. You will know by the way you feel when you are in their presence. Visit with them and ask them the toughest questions you can think of. If you like the way they answer those questions, you’ll probably enjoy dealing with them down the road.

Comment: I would suggest that you already know the answers to those tough questions you ask beforehand by researching the blogs on this manufacturedhomes.com web-site. This would check the veracity of the individual you are dealing with. An answer that is totally false can be troubling for the relationship. The totally honest answer would be “I don’t know.”

2. You will know by the fact that they proudly display testimonials and photos of their work around their offices and on their web-site. The right people for you to deal with will love that they are providing quality homes for their customers.

Comment: Testimonials can be a bit “tricky” sometimes. Perhaps before you go too far you should ask permission to speak to one of those happy homeowners.

3. You will know by the fact that they have numerous people who say great things about them.

I would add one more thing to the list:

You will know if the salesperson shows an interest in your situation and exhibits a desire to assist you before asking for a deposit. Buying a home is probably the most important and life-changing decisions you will ever make. It is important that the people you are dealing with have the patience and understanding of the enormity of that decision. You must have a comfort level with the people you are dealing with.

I have written two blog articles regarding this subject, primarily directed to salespeople. Maybe you will find someone to deal with that have read them. They are:


My thanks to the Heart of Texas Home Center. They are located @ 5925 S. General Bruce Drive Temple, Texas 76502 Telephone #: 866-744-8697 Web-site is www.Heartoftexas.net.



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