Key Benefits of Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes have come a long way from their once standard lengthy appearance. Today, you can find these beautiful homes in numerous modern shapes and sizes. In fact, with today’s technological advancements, the benefits of a manufactured home often outweigh those of a traditional house.

Consider the differences between manufactured homes and traditional homes to learn why owning a manufactured home is often a better choice:


There is no question that buying a manufactured home will cost less than buying a traditional house. You can choose your new manufactured home based on your available budget. Without land, a manufactured home can be purchased for the fraction of what a traditional house could cost.

Other factors to take into consideration are that the maintenance, property taxes, utilities, mortgage and other general costs will be less expensive than if you were to pay the same fees on a traditional house.

Modern Floor Plans

The long tunnel feel of older manufactured homes has gone and been replaced by bright, modern floor plans. Today’s manufactured home dealers offer consumers a choice of family rooms and dining areas, spacious living rooms and fully-equipped kitchens with all the latest appliances.

Manufactured homes are available in floor plans that range from 900 square feet up to 2,500 square feet, and they can be custom built in a multi- or single-section design. The choice is yours.

Personal Needs

Your new manufactured home can be built to suit your personal needs. This can be a particularly ideal solution for aging singles or couples. Since these modern floor plans offer spacious interiors, having your manufactured home built for homeowners who have disabilities or use a wheelchair is entirely possible.

Less Build Time

It does not take the same amount of time to build a manufactured home as it does to build a traditional house. Since manufactured homes are built in-factory, there is no amount of rain or snow that can hinder production. Generally, a manufactured home can be built in a few weeks.


Although not common, it is possible to move your manufactured home. With the right preparation and professional moving company, manufactured home owners can move their home from one location to another, whether to a planned subdivision, rental community or your own private land–another of the many benefits of a manufactured home.



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