Finding Manufactured Home Lenders the Easy Way

You may find the process of buying your first home both confusing and exciting at the same time, especially when it comes to finding a manufactured home lender to finance the manufactured home of your dreams. Not every lender will finance such a home, so research lenders before you get too deep into the loan application process. The good news is that many lenders have manufactured home loans that include used and new manufactured homes even if you do not have the best credit or cash in the bank. When you look for experienced manufactured home lenders, you can finance your manufactured home quickly and avoid wasting time and energy with non-qualifiable lenders.

Questions manufactured home lenders will ask:

  • Do you already own the property for your manufactured home, or will you need to finance property along with the home?
  • Do the building codes for your property allow for a manufactured home?
  • Will you be renting a lot in a park? If so, what are the park’s rental policies?
  • Will the manufactured home come with a warranty from the manufacturer? If so, for how long?
  • Will you be buying the manufactured home brand new or are you going to buy used?
  • Are you buying the home from a manufactured home dealer or a private party?

So, how do you wade through all the lenders out there? Some areas of the country have many lenders who offer loans for manufactured homes, while others do not. Start by locating a great Internet resource, such as This will save you time and money, allowing you to locate the appropriate lenders without forcing you to hunt online.

If you have less than ideal credit, many federal loan programs can get you approved for a loan with low minimum FICO requirements. This can be a great way to get into your manufactured dream home without having to rebuild your credit score. Check with a few manufactured home lenders to see who can offer you the best rates for your particular financial situation.


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