Why Choose Iseman Homes of Gillette Wyoming for Your Next Manufactured or Modular Home?

Iseman Homes is one of the nation’s leaders in manufactured home sales with model display centers in seven states. Founded by Charles Iseman in 1920, Iseman was an industry pioneer in bringing the benefits of manufactured homes to the market, and a long history of serving the needs of others. Today, that solid foundation has continued in providing quality affordable housing to many, many thousands of homeowners.

Iseman Homes in Gillette, Wyoming epitomizes that tradition of value and customer care. Manager Jon Mingus, who has a long history of helping manufactured home buyers in pursuit of the perfect home. The family type atmosphere at Iseman Homes makes for a comfortable shopping experience.

“We listen carefully to determine exactly what the customer wants, and then deliver the home exactly to those expectations—every time!” – Jon Mingus

Customer service and homebuyer satisfaction are the keys to the Iseman Homes’ success. Customer service begins during the initial sales process and continues through the delivery and beyond. 100% customer satisfaction is the #1 priority of Iseman Homes in Gillette and all the other Iseman Homes locations throughout the Midwest.

Iseman Homes in Gillette proudly displays luxurious, yet affordable homes produced by Magnolia Homes of Nebraska. The Magnolia Homes manufacturing ownership has also been well known and continuously  respected for over six decades in providing well built manufactured homes and outstanding customer service.The combination of Iseman Homes and Magnolia Homes is truly a combination that should give comfort and assurance to a home buyer seeking the best in value, quality, and an excellent home buying experience.

Jon Mingus is particularly impressed with the quality and value of the homes from Magnolia Homes,

“I have represented many manufacturer’s homes over many years, yet I believe that the homes from Magnolia offer my customers unparalleled quality and value, whether it is ordered as a manufactured home or a modular home. Customers absolutely love Magnolia Homes”.

One of the Magnolia Homes’ display models showcased at the Iseman display center in Gillette is the very popular MH 204-Gold  which is an 1,820 square foot, three bedroom-two bath home that is equipped with all the latest features, options and amenities that most homeowners need and desire in a dream home. Iseman Homes also displays two large 18’ by 76’, 1,317 square foot Magnolia single section homes that are as well-built as the Magnolia multi-section homes. Head to Iseman Homes Gillette, Wyoming Listing Page for more information.

Iseman Homes also has Magnolia modular homes that can be customized to meet the specific needs and desires of the home purchaser, including building a home that a customer might create from scratch. With almost two dozen floor plans available, Magnolia homes and Iseman Homes will surely have your dream home that will satisfy any residential code requirements.

Iseman Homes is located at: 4001 B South Douglas Highway, Gillette, Wyoming 82718, T# 307-682-0201


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