Generation Y: Top Five Reasons Manufactured Homes Are In Their Future

More than occasionally, the popular narrative surrounding Manufactured homes (MFH) has been distorted: Defamed and disregarded as a source of quality-built, inexpensive housing. Slandering them as “trailers” … and “mobile homes.” Despite the never-ending campaign of disinformation, manufactured housing that is well constructed and regularly maintained can be architecturally striking, more energy efficient, and far more affordable than comparable site-built homes; all while appreciating in value and kicking open the door to homeownership for millions of American families.

Generation Y: Top Five Reasons Manufactured Homes Are In Their Future

Six years ago – back in 2009 – the manufactured housing sector accounted for approximately 43 percent of all “New Homes” sold under $150,000 – and approximately 23% of all single-family residential dwellings sold under $200,000.

Jumping forward to 2010, we see the average construction cost on a price per square foot basis for a new manufactured home was $41 – less than half of the average cost ($84 per square foot) of a new site-built home.

Back in 1989, the manufactured housing sector accounted for 21% of all new single-family residential units sold across the country.

Constructed in approximately 1/5 the time as site-built stick-homes, manufactured homes are assembled in an environmentally controlled, factory environment. Utilizing fewer building materials and generating 35%-40% less building waste than comparable site-built residential units.

The new Energy Star qualified manufactured homes can save homeowners anywhere from $190 to $246 a year in average energy costs, or 24% to 29% of total heating and cooling costs.

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Going forward, affordability and quality wins out! As technology increases and our precious natural resources are rapidly depleted… It makes perfect sense that the new eco-friendly and financially feasible choice of manufactured housing will be the real iPad of the future.

In the below video, Sam Frazier of Kit Homebuilders West takes us on a quick factory tour, showing us how the home of the tomorrow is constructed.

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