What Defines Carlsbad Manufactured Homes?

Quality. Energy Efficiency. Design.  These are defining characteristics of a Carlsbad Manufactured Home

Synonymous with prefabricated housing, manufactured homes occasionally referred to as mobile homes, are constructed in a similar manner as today’s modern modular homes. Subjected to the same rigorous building standards and requirements as today’s stick-built homes, most manufactured home dealers only sell the home itself.

Fortunately for southern California Manufactured Home buyers, that’s not the case at Carlsbad Manufactured Home Builders. Rather than leaving the arduous task up to the individual homebuyer to handle, the good people at Carlsbad Home Builders handle it all. Thereby relieving the new homeowner from the additional headache and hassle of hiring a general contractor to oversee the actual installation of the new modular home.

Experienced where experience counts, Carlsbad Manufactured Home Builders are not only manufactured home builders, they are also state accredited general contractors. In addition to being a licensed California Manufactured Home Dealers that are contracted with several factories to build manufactured homes.

This eradicates the aggravation and stress for you, the new homebuyer, allowing you to concentrate on obtaining the American dream stress-free – providing more time for you to personalize your dream home!

Providing peace of mind for their buyers, Carlsbad Manufactured Homes handles the following responsibilities as both the General Contractor and the Manufactured Home Dealer:

  • Customization and design of the Manufactured Home
  • Provide multiple floor plan choices to accommodate the buyer’s needs
  • Provide assistance in choosing exterior and interior finishes
  • Help buyer find most fiscally responsible lending options
  • Oversee, manage and complete site work in-home installation
  • Provide home site foundation
  • Provide warranty on the manufactured home


What Defines Carlsbad Manufactured Home Builders?


From their state-of-the-art facility, Carlsbad Manufactured Home Builders provides an ideal work environment for their skilled artisans and high-tech equipment to cost-effectively produce today’s modern manufactured homes. Built to the highest standards of quality and energy efficient, these manufactured homes are extremely resistant to the wear and tear of time. All building materials, from the wood studs to the roofing materials, must pass a rigorous inspection process due to the precise nature the equipment utilized. Created and assembled in a climate-controlled facility, Carlsbad Manufactured Home Builders saves the end buyer money by protecting the materials from the elements that can often cause damage and waste our traditional building site. Constantly monitored for quality, the assembly line process eliminates inaccuracies, mistakes, or simple oversights. At Carlsbad Manufactured Home Builders, they accept nothing but absolute excellence!


Time equals money, they get it; as a result, Carlsbad Builders utilizes the most modern manufactured building techniques available to facilitate a quality built home – fast. Providing quality housing in a fraction of the time as their site built cousins, buyers can have a Carlsbad dream home delivered, set on its foundation, and ready for you to move in significantly faster than with traditional stick-built homes! No longer subjected to foul weather, inconsistent or unskilled construction crews, equipment issues, and human error, which can easily delay projects for weeks or even months – Carlsbad Builders makes your manufactured home a reality in less time and for less money!


Traditional stick built homes typically cost approximately 60% more than today’s well-appointed manufactured homes and are significantly more labor-intensive when it comes to the on-site construction process. Saving both money and time, Carlsbad Manufactured Home Builders acts as both the General Contractor and manufactured Home dealer. As the one point of contact – Carlsbad Builders streamlines the sales and installation process in the most time-saving and cost-effective manner.


Carlsbad Manufactured Homes are built and designed with your family’s specific wants and needs in mind! At Carlsbad, our builders understand this is YOUR home, and they have invested interest in ensuring it’s your dream home!

Energy efficiency

Building ‘Green’ manufactured homes requires a systematic approach to the overall construction process, which takes into consideration the following 7 factors:

  1. Lot Design, Prep, and Development
  2. Resource Efficiency
  3. Energy Efficiency
  4. Water Conservation and Efficiency
  5. Indoor Environmental Quality
  6. Operation Maintenance and Homeowner Education
  7. Global Impact – using products that are not harmful to the environment in any way, while partnering with other companies/suppliers that also work to protect the environment.

The Carlsbad guarantee

Your new dream home comes with a factory warranty as well as an optional 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty® (2-10 HBW®). That includes a 10 full years of structural coverage against defects for load-bearing components; 2 full years of systems coverage against defects in wiring, piping, electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling, ventilating and mechanical systems; and 1 full year of coverage against any defects in workmanship and building materials.

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