Anacapa Homes of Ventura California: Dedicated, Professional, “Green”

Located in Ventura California, Anacapa Homes offers its customers both new and pre-owned factory built manufactured homes, several financing options, and critical tips and vital information for today’s manufactured home buyers.

Providing answers to important and frequently asked questions, Anacapa Homes will take the time to explain the difference between a HUD built home, a modular home, and a mobile home – and the ramifications of financing them. And because knowledge is power, the sales representatives at Anacapa Homes will gladly explain exactly what your projected monthly payment will be, based on your down payment, taxes, and projected interest rate.


A proud distributor of Skyline Homes, Anacapa Homes is pleased to provide their Southern California customer base one of the oldest and most respected homebuilders in the U.S.

Providing stylish and affordable homes for the masses in Southern and Central California, Skyline Homes offers a wide range of models for the discerning lifestyles of California’s high-end homebuyers.

Going Green

Featuring models like the Palm Haven, Sunset Ridge, and Amber Cove, today’s modern Skyline models are energy efficient structures. Highlighting performance and efficiency, Skyline proudly includes increased insulation, duct sealing efficiency, energy efficient heating and cooling systems, high-performance windows, and money-saving effective insulation.


Dedicated, professional and easily reached, the good people at Anacapa Homes have earned both a solid reputation and the repeat business that comes from customer loyalty: “Anacapa Homes worked tirelessly. They knew the deadlines and kept us ahead of them. They were proactive, pushing us when we needed to move, not the other way around. My wife and I were very overwhelmed with the entire process; David and Katherine walked us through the entire thing smoothly. They also returned all of our near endless questions very quickly. I still don’t know how they were able to do that so well, it is clear that their workweek is more than a standard 40 hours.”


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