Affordable Manufactured Homeownership Continues to Increase Nationwide, Especially in the South

The latest official statistics reported by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development indicate that new manufactured housing production has been steadily increasing each month in 2014 and continuing through May 2015. The latest stats indicate an 8.8% cumulative increase of produced homes over the same period in 2014 – leading to greater affordability for manufactured housing nationwide.

Further analysis of official industry statistics shows that the top ten states for total manufactured HUD code homes produced and shipped through May 2015 year-to-date and prior year year-to-date in 2014 are as follows:

State                                 Total

  1. Texas                                  46,279 homes
  1.  Louisiana                           16,367  homes
  2.  Florida                                12,406 homes
  3.  North Carolina                      9,373 homes
  4.  Alabama                               9,325 homes
  5.  Mississippi                            8,756 homes
  6.  Kentucky                              8,142 homes
  7.  California                              8,042 homes
  8.  Tennessee                            6,757 homes
  9.  Oklahoma                             6,506 homes

It is notable that nine of the top ten states for manufactured home shipments are southern U.S. states; the only exception is California.

Affordable Manufactured Homeownership Continues to Increase Nationwide, Especially in the South”

The nine contiguous southern states have several things in common that continually attract buyers to the idea of manufactured homeownership. These states are considered “homeowner friendly” due to lower tax rates, the lack of costly prejudicial regulations, and less bureaucracy than many other states.

The state of Texas has long been the most desired destination for employment opportunities, as well as a place where the American dream of  affordable, quality homeownership becomes reality. The overwhelming number of manufactured homes sold within the state of Texas is proof that manufactured homes are the key element in achieving that dream.

The continuing growth and acceptance of new manufactured homes is reflective of a collective realization that today’s manufactured home is equal or superior to other forms of homeownership in all areas, including design, safety, energy efficiency, and construction materials. The below video of Pacific Manufactured Homes “Pacific Big Bear” model demonstrates the superior craftsmanship that goes into today’s models.

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