2018 MHI National Congress & Expo – A Look Inside The Expo Hall

Those of us fortunate enough to be a part of the manufactured housing industry have had many fond memories of conferences and events, and the recently completed 2018 MHI National Congress & Expo is no exception. The four-day event at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada was informative, educational, and inspiring. The beautiful expo hall that MHI acquired and meticulous booths attendees presented were a sight to behold.

However, we also understand that these events are open only to those that work in, service, or supply the factory-built housing industry. This year, ManufacturedHomes.com felt it was time to offer an inside glimpse of all the excitement and opportunity that the manufactured housing industry has to offer to anybody that wants one, industry professionals, and consumers alike.

A Manufactured Housing Industry First – The 2018 MHI Congress & Expo, in 3D

ManufacturedHomes.com teamed up with the Manufactured Housing Institute to bring you an industry-first, inside look at their impressive, recent event. Our team was able to capture the entire expo hall at the Paris in 3D. We invite you now to explore the 2018 MHI National Congress & Expo for yourself!



Once the space loads, you can move around by pointing and clicking your mouse. You can also drag your mouse to turn left or right. While you move around the hall, you’ll notice markers at each booth — if you hover over these with your mouse, you’ll see information including the exhibitor’s company name, address, phone number, and a link to their website.

There is nearly 35,000 square feet of exhibit space to explore, so take your time and enjoy the sights. You can also take a guided tour by pressing the play button at the bottom left or view a tour step by step by using the forward and back buttons. Don’t forget to check out the dollhouse view, too — the space was enormous, and MHI and expo attendees packed it full of the latest, best, and most exciting developments the factory-built housing industry has to offer.


2018 MHI National Congress & Expo Banner

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