Manufactured Homes Customization Choices and Elvis’ Vacation Home

Elvis Presley, the “King of rock & roll,” may have sung about a Heartbreak Hotel, but when it came to his own vacations and holidays he preferred to spend time in his 1967 mobile home at his Circle G Ranch near Graceland Estates in Memphis, Tennessee. This same mobile home, where he spent part of his honeymoon with Priscilla, is up for sale. The two bedroom mobile home was bought by Elvis in the 1960’s has been restored to how it was when Elvis stayed in it, including the gold finished fixtures and bathtub, appliances, wood paneling and exterior siding. All of which are basic options on manufactured homes customization choices.

The iconic rock ‘n’ roll star originally purchased eight different mobile homes of varying sizes and placed at the rear of his 163-acre ranch where he housed his so-called “Memphis Mafia,” which he liked being around. The way to do that was to buy the mobile homes. Eventually, the mobile home purchased for his own use was moved closeby the other mobile homes on the property. Going on auction — as part GWS Auctions: “Legends: Iconic Film & Music Memorabilia” sale on August 25. “The mobile home is just one of the coolest items we’ve ever had,” said Brigette Kruse, lead auctioneer and co-founder of GWS Auctions told CNN Travel.

The lucky buyer will get not just the mobile home, but the original paperwork featuring Elvis’ signature.“It’s incredible to have a notarized signature of Elvis Presley,” says Kruse. “It’s really a very, very special thing and it is a museum quality piece. It is sitting on axles where it’s ready to be moved. It is literally a traveling attraction as it is.”

Manufactured Homes Revolution:

But, while the use of the “mobile home” terminology is a politically correct characterization of the homes owned by Elvis in the 1960’s, they are a thing of the past. There have not been any mobile homes built since the 1976 implementation of the National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Act of 1974, known as the HUD Code. Today’s modern manufactured homes succeeded where the mobile homes of the Elvis era failed. Manufactured homes are mainstream housing with quality, safety, and features equal or superior to a comparably located site built home at a price up to 50% more affordable. Not to mention the manufactured homes customization choices that are afforded the buyer thanks to the building techniques that have greatly improved over time.

Many of the King’s trims, bells, and whistles are standard on the manufactured home of today, particularly the structural upgrades that were installed. And all of this in a much more attractive package than what was technologically available at the time! While Presley’s has the rock and roll history, you can be sure that his home is just the tip of the iceberg on the personalization and customization choices available to the buyers of manufactured homes today. Check out some manufacturers and see for yourself!

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