Yates Homes Serving Central North Carolina and Central Virginia Residents With Custom Quality Modular Homes and Outstanding Customer Service Since 1986

Purchasing a home is likely the most important and consequential decision any of us will make in our lifetime. The importance of that decision, while exciting, is often combined with a degree of self-doubt and trepidation: Will the seller understand and address my particular needs and wants? Will the purchase price be too high? Will the salesperson patiently help me navigate the process, absence of pressure?

If you are fortunate to be a home shopper in North Carolina and Virginia there is a modular home retailer/builder where you will be able to shop for the perfect home that will meet the vision of what you want your home to be, in a comfortable and helpful environment.  

For over 33 years, Yates Homes, a family-owned and operated modular home business has served the residents of Central North Carolina and Central Virginia with quality custom modular homes, expert design assistance, the most personal assistance available, and takes pride in always acting with the utmost integrity while putting the customer first.

Yates Home Sales centers are located in cities of Roxboro, North Carolina, and Blairs, Virginia. Both locations have several beautiful residential displays of quality built and skillfully designed modular homes, fully installed, decorated and furnished. Each home is displayed with a variety of decors, styles, and amenities that will be available with any of the 100 plus floor plans that may be custom-built to a homebuyer’s specific requirements, needs and wants.

Homes displayed by Yates Home Sales are all value-priced with square footage sizes offering 3 to 6 bedrooms to satisfy every homebuyer’s budget and family requirements, including homes available with an unfinished second story that can be converted to additional bedrooms as families grow. 

Modular homes offered by Yates Homes will have a cost up to 30% less than a comparably sized traditional site-built home and will be equal, and often superior, in every respect.

Another big advantage for modular home buyers is the precision and efficiencies of indoor home construction allows the time frame to completion of a custom personalized home to be available for occupancy within a matter of weeks, as opposed to months for a home to be built on-site.

Total customer satisfaction is at the forefront of the business philosophy at Yates Home Sales, including the shopping and purchasing experience, as well as a dedication to after-sale warranty and service. The following is just one of many homeowner endorsements confirming these commitments:


“We enjoyed working with the friendly sales staff at Yates Home Sales during our home purchase. They listened to our questions and helped us choose a home that fits our lifestyle. The Yates employees were professional, efficient, and maintained a low-key sales approach. At no time were we pressured or rushed to make decisions about our new home. Thanks to Yates Home Sales, we are living in our dream home.”
Mike and Janet Wanless

Note: For more testimonials, information about modular housing, review floor plans, and unique 3D virtual tours of homes displayed at both Yates Homes display centers, you are invited to visit their website:  YatesHomeSales.com

Contact Information for YATES HOME SALES

NORTH CAROLINA                                          VIRGINIA

          3901 Durham Road                                     5940 U.S. 29 Business
     Roxboro, N.C. 27574                                        Blairs, VA 24527
          Phone: (336) 597-4663                          Phone: (434) 836-4215
     Fax: (336) 597-4669                                    Fax: (434) 836-8116


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