Top 5 Pre-Planning Suggestions When Buying a New Manufactured Home

Purchasing a home is probably one of the most consequential and life-altering decisions that any of us will make in our lifetime. As such, it also can be an exciting and self-fulfilling undertaking, especially if the home you are buying meets your expectations, needs, and wants. So here are some Pre-Planning Suggestions When Buying a New Manufactured Home we suggest.

The enormousness of that decision should not be taken lightly. To purchase the right home for your family at an affordable price requires a well-prepared plan and a commitment to that plan.

Today’s modern manufactured homes and modular homes will assuredly check all the boxes “for everything a home should be,” and will be equal or superior, in every respect, as a traditional site-built home and will have a cost of about 50% less!

The following are the top 5 things we suggest to consider before making that momentous decision towards realizing the uniquely American dream of homeownership.


(1)   Budget/Financing Plan – Assuming you have decided that a new manufactured home is the home for you, it is important that you obtain as much information as possible and explore what is available and what your budget will allow. If you intend to finance the purchase you should determine your credit score and converse with a manufactured home lender, such as – – to determine down payment requirements and the amount you will qualify for.


(2)  Select Home Size To Match Budget And Family Dynamic –  Here at, you will find 1000s of models. floor plans, 3D virtual tours, and construction specifications for most all of the manufactured homes available in the United States, all from the comfort of your home.

Manufactured homes are available from 500 sq. ft. single section homes to over 3000 sq. ft. double and triple wides. The number of bedrooms is from one to five and bathrooms from 1 to 3. 

Stated square footage of homes does not include models with fully integrated covered porches, which has become very popular, enhancing exterior elevation, as well as increasing indoor/outdoor casual dining and relaxation space with minimal extra cost to the total sale price.


(3)  Choosing Floor Plan For Preferred Lifestyle – Every manufacturer offers dozens of floor plan choices. Many of those have basic concepts with numerous variations. 

A single section floor plan features either a front kitchen with bedroom(s) and bath located at the rear of the plan with living room at the center of plan- or floor plan configuration with master bedroom and ensuite bath privately located away from the guest bedroom (s) and second bathroom at the opposite end of the home, with living room, kitchen, and dining at center of the home. The advantage of this floor plan is the privacy factor, but perhaps more importantly, the open concept layout minimizes or eliminates wasted hallway space.

A double or triple-section home is available with multiple floor plan configurations. The most popular plan for family homebuyers is the open concept plan with a master bedroom and ensuite privately located away from secondary bedrooms and bath(s) with spacious main living areas.


(4)  Personalize With Options And Decor To Suit Preferences – Flexibility in the construction process allows for customization and personalization to meet the buyer’s lifestyles and needs. Standard and optional features may include fireplaces, luxury baths, bedroom retreats, covered porches, state of the art kitchens, entertainment centers, family rooms, offices/studies, energy upgrades, and much more! In other words, quality and efficiency built to your family’s dynamic wants and requirements.

(5)  Know Exactly Which Home(s) Meet Your Requirements And Budget Before Visiting A Retail Display Center – The simplest and most satisfying result of purchasing a home is knowing exactly what you want and what it will cost. Here at ManufacturedHomes.comwe have created a wealth of information and images that allows you to shop and plan for becoming a homeowner before interacting with a manufactured home seller, all from the comfort and safety of your existing home. Simply enter your location on the home page, select a home or homes you love, available near you, and request a no-obligation Custom Price Quote.

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