Trump Shocks World, Wins Election In Close Call

Taking the battleground states of Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, Donald Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States last night.

Despite the early prognostications among pundits that it would be near impossible for Trump to penetrate the Democrat’s “Blue Wall” and garner enough electoral votes to challenge Clinton, as the night progressed it appeared obvious that Trump was gaining momentum, although his path to victory was still improbable.

We were tempted to proclaim: “CLINTON DEFEATS TRUMP!”

Hoping to avoid a situation like 1948, when newspapers proclaimed in bold headlines, “DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN,” we waited until the bitter end. 

Trump Shocks World, Wins Election In Close Call


With Trump as our new President of the United States, the possibility of overturning Dodd/Frank and/or some of its more onerous provisions has just gained some serious traction. Detrimental to America’s middle and low-income families desiring affordable housing, Dodd/Frank has inadvertently crushed the spirit of America’s hard working citizens. 

Now, with Donald Trump as POTUS and Republicans maintaining majorities in both the House and Senate, there is little question that he will dismantle Dodd/Frank or at least make sure those provisions which are deemed harmful to affordable manufactured home ownership will be scrapped.

Regardless of the shocking results from our national elections, manufactured housing will remain a viable choice for Americans seeking safe affordable quality homeownership. Confirmed by recent production and sales increases that have continued unabated for almost four years, manufactured and modular housing is quickly becoming the fiscally responsible option for many.

Compared with the prior year, 2016 has recorded shipment increases for the first nine months of this year. Shipments from January through September this year totaled 59,889 homes compared with 52,061 HUD Code homes in 2015, a net increase of 15%.

According to official statistics gathered by the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHAR) and compiled on behalf of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), manufactured home production increased again by double digits during September of 2016.

In September, manufacturer’s produced 7,322 homes, a 15% increase over the 6,325 HUD Code homes produced in September 2015.

(Note: Production and shipment statistics do not include modular homes produced by manufactured home producers. It is estimated that an ever growing modular home production adds 1500 to 2000 homes per month to the shipment totals of manufactured housing producers.)

A further analysis by MHARR of the official industry statistics shows the top ten shipment states from the beginning of the industry production rebound in August 2011 through September 2016 – with cumulative and monthly numbers indicated below:

State   Cumulative Stepember 2016 2016 Jan-Sept  2015 Jan-Sept
1. Texas 63,853 Homes 1121     9908     10,229
2. Louisiana 22,814 Homes   712      3745     3393
3. Florida 19,524 Homes   551     4119    3568
4. Alabama 13,916 Homes   270     2863     2056
5. North Carolina 13,794 Homes  292      2552     2190
6. Mississippi 12,768 Homes   310      2451     1915
7. California 12,232 Homes   331      2411     2152
8. Kentucky 11,799 Home   231      2071     1682
9. Michigan 10,491 Homes   387      2752     2119
10.  Tennessee 9858 Homes   215      1755     1585

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