Top 3 Questions to Consider When Choosing a Manufactured Home Dealer or Builder

I have written over 150 blog articles referencing various aspects of today’s manufactured home. Most of those articles are specifically targeted to prospective manufactured home buyers and provide information regarding the myths and realities of the manufactured home industry. In some of these articles I have included tutorials to help potential buyers make informed decisions that will ultimately enhance their enjoyment of what many consider to be the American dream home. I’ve enjoyed over 45 years of representing the manufactured home industry and I am sincerely passionate about the quality and affordability of manufactured homes.

As a veteran of the industry, I am frequently asked for retailer referrals and references from potential home buyers all over the country. In states that I am familiar with I am happy to recommend a reputable retailer or manufacturer, and while I am well-traveled, there are still some places that I have not had the chance to visit; so when asked about a dealer referral for a state or city I have not been to, I do my homework and learn as much as I can about the dealers and manufacturers in that area.

“Finding a dealer that you are comfortable with is one of most important things a person can do when searching for a manufactured home. It establishes trust and confidence between the buyer and the dealer which ultimately leads to 100% customer satisfaction.” -Bill Swenson, Manufactured Home Dealer, CA.

When doing this extensive homework, I always ask myself  these 3 important questions and determine whether or not a manufactured home business or dealer meets the criteria before recommending their services and expertise to those who inquire.

Three Questions Are:


1.Longevity: How long has the particular dealer or manufacturer been in business?

Determining the longevity of a company assures a potential customer that a business is capable of retaining clients through offering exceptional customer service and a friendly and helpful staff.

2. Reputation and Integrity: What are previous customers saying about their experience with this business?

It’s no secret that if a person has an unpleasant experience with any kind of business that he/she will be sure to tell others all about it. So remember to make you sure to ask around before making a final decision.

3. Quality: What does the finished product look like? Is it built to the customer’s satisfaction? Is it backed by a warranty?

Ultimately, you want to get your money’s worth, especially when buying a home. It’s important to make inquiries about the materials used and warranties offered. Knowing that your home has been constructed by professionals who take pride in their work and guarantee their finished product is one of the most important aspects  when buying a home.

So whether you’re a veteran of the industry like myself, or a rookie who is brand new to the business, researching and answering these 3 questions will provide you with a great head start and help point you in the right direction to obtaining your dream home!

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