Top 3 Multi-Section Floor Plans Preferred by Manufactured Home Buyers

Finding the ideal floor plan is almost always at the top of the requirement list of all site-built homes and manufactured home shoppers.  Manufactured home shoppers are more likely to find the perfect floor plan that will meet family dynamics, with dozens of floor plan choices of various sizes and configurations in both single section or multi-section homes, at all affordable price levels. 

In addition to the large selection of pre-approved floor plan availability, is the unique ability and flexibility of most manufacturers to customize a floor plan to meet the special needs, requirements, and wants of the individual home buyer.

We have listed below digital examples of the top 3 floor plans preferred by manufactured home buyers. For more information and to experience a 3D tour of the floor plans displayed, click MANUFACTURERS on the home page and scroll to the manufacturer listings of model home floor plans available. 

Almost all of these popular floorplan models will be displayed here at, many with self-navigated 3D virtual tours, giving shoppers the reality experience of actually touring the home floor plan. Simply enter your location in the search bar of our homepage to locate a retailer near you that offers these floor plan models. 

  1. Privacy Split Bedroom Plan — Unquestionably the homeowners’ overwhelming choice of floor plan configurations, especially for families. Many other popular floor plans are variations of this floor plan. The basic plan is available from all manufacturers featuring 2, 3, 4, or 5 bedrooms. The advantages of this plan (also called the “front and rear” plan) are: 
  • The Master bedroom with ensuite is privately located away from secondary bedrooms at opposite ends of the home with the main living room, kitchen, and dining room at the center of the home.
  • The plan maximizes living space in all areas of the home by reducing or completely eliminating space-wasting hallways.
  • Modification of this plan as a two-bedroom home with dual master bedroom suites at each end of the home has become popular for sharing the home with roommates, boarders, friends, grown children, caregivers, etc.

Example:  Cedar Canyon Model 2077  by Kit Custom Homebuilders  Caldwell, Idaho

                                  Multi-Section Floor Plans

  1. Fully Integrated Covered Porch Floor Plans. —  Recently manufactured home floor plans that feature covered porches that are fully integrated within the home have become very popular with manufactured home buyers. Fully integrated means the porch is a continuance of the floor of the home as well as roof line and pitch of roof. The listed square feet of homes living space does not include the covered porch.

Not only does the covered porch increase floor space, it also enhances the exterior architectural elevation of the home. The advantages and location of covered porches are:

  • The most common placement location on the home is across the width of the home, accessible to the home’s main entrance with additional sliding glass door from kitchen to porch, thus facilitating indoor/outdoor casual dining and relaxation.
  • Also popular is the larger covered wrap around porches that traverse dining room and living room creating an appealing  country or ranch house style exterior elevation.
  • Models with recessed rear patio partially enclosed covered porches  are available from some manufactured home companies, although most covered porch models are at home’s main entrance.

Example: Mossy Oak  Model WL-MONL-6809 By Deer Valley HomeBuilders  Guin, Alabama

                        Multi-Section Floor Plans

  1. Open Concept Floor Plan  – Continuing to be popular with home buyers is the open concept plan that is impressive upon entrance to home, usually into an extra large living room with equally impressive straight line sight into a beautiful bright modern kitchen with the only divide  a large center island work station/ snack bar/ serving bar, ideal for entertaining gatherings of family and friends. The other advantages of the open concept floor pan are:
  • The sensation of spaciousness upon entry to home, especially with large multiple windows and a living room vaulted or cathedral ceiling
  • Easy traffic flow from the main living areas to other areas, such as guest bath, bedrooms, family room, utility room, etc. 
  • The open concept often is present with the privacy split bedroom plan.
  • Example: Limited  Model 3262-2002 by Sunshine Homes Red Bay, Alabama

Multi-Section Floorplans

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