The Lone Star State Loves Manufactured Homes

I’m sure that many of us non-Texans have visions of the Lone Star state and Texans as being a “bit different” than the rest of us. When you think of Texas do you conjure any of these mind visions? Cowboy hats and boots? Rodeos, Dallas cowboys, Cattle ranches, and J.R. Ewing? What about boastfulness, wide open spaces, Nascar, The Alamo, and the pick-up trucks with gun racks? Sayings, such as, “Don’t mess with Texas,” or “All hat, no cattle…”

Well, I’ve spent some time in Texas and can tell you that those conceptions and images of Texas and Texans are fairly accurate. However, there is more to Texas that what you think.

Texas is a state that has continued to prosper economically through the country’s economic woes over the last several years. Texas has become a refuge for individuals seeking employment opportunities and a less complicated lifestyle, businesses and industries relocating to a state with lower taxes and less bureaucracy, and wide open spaces and affordable housing.

Recent economic statistics indicate that today’s manufactured home is the home of choice for thousands of Texas homeowners. The Manufactured Housing Institute’s (M.H.I.) report for May 2013, indicates that nearly 1 in 5 (19.9%) of all new manufactured homes in the country were shipped to or within the State of Texas. The Texas “love affair” with manufactured homes is quite remarkable, considering that Texas real estate is reasonably priced in comparison to other areas of the country. There are lots of inexpensive rural property available for stick-built homes or manufactured home placement.

With all the availability of housing alternatives, Texans are selecting manufactured homes as their choice of homeownership.

Texans realize that today’s manufactured home is affordable because of the efficiency of the factory economies of scale, assembly production, supply chain management, and skill and focus on providing the highest quality home in a wide array of styles and and prices that a site builder.

More and more Texans are realizing the American dream of homeownership in a manufactured home. “God bless Texas.”



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