“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” Mark Twain

Manufactured homes continue to remain the number one housing option for seniors retiring from the workforce. In fact, a greater portion of households that live in manufactured homes are headed by a retiree (32%) than site-built households (24%), as per CFPB Analysis of Consumer Finances Survey.

Healthy retirement age, low and middle income workers are living longer, and in many instances are delaying retirement plans, as a result of  the lack of funds available to maintain a comfortable retirement for an extended period of life. Recent studies have found that 40% of Americans risk going broke during retirement and, compounding the matter about one-half have less than $1,000 in savings.

The average retired household spends around $45,000 per year, an amount that includes housing, transportation expenses, food, entertainment and the expense of healthcare.

For a retired individual, health care costs are not going to be the most expensive cost. That title goes towards housing. The remedy may well be found with today’s modern well built manufactured housing. With an average price of $68,000, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, manufactured homes offer a solution for seniors to downsize, not downgrade – and retirees are beginning to take notice.

Today’s modern manufactured homes are a very popular option for all income levels of retirees. Getting into one may afford you an opportunity to land in great communities*, built specifically for retired people, or you may prefer to locate in a coveted and comfortable private property home spot.  click our previous blog regarding community living: Seniors Are Keeping Active In Age Regulated Manufactured Communities And Living Healthier, Happier And Longer

Retired homeowners should consider downsizing to a manufactured home if housing costs are a significant portion of their spending. Even if you own your existing home free and clear there are regular expenses that manufactured homes simply won’t have, and other advantages you may not have expected. Following are the top 5 reasons why senior retirees prefer manufactured homes.


  1. Acquisition cost will be up to 50% less than a site built home with quality construction features, stringent fire and windy safety requirements and state of the art amenities and designs at least equal and often superior to a newly constructed site built home.


  1. Manufactured homes can be customized and personalized to meet the requirements, wants and needs of the home purchaser, including fully integrated covered porches, drywall interiors, upgraded appliances, cathedral ceilings, luxury baths and special needs. See are recent post titled: Manufactured Homes Customized For The Handicapped May Offer Exterior and Interior Mobility


  1. Reduced utility costs: An energy efficient manufactured home means smaller energy consumption. In addition, most manufacturers offer ENERGY STAR that assures additional savings.


  1. Lower maintenance costs: New manufactured homes are warranted by the manufacturer against defects and materials for a minimum of one year. Manufactured homes are the only single family housing in the U.S. subject to a federal building code (HUD Code), which also mandates the warranty provisions.


  1. Reduced or no property taxes: A manufactured home not legally attached to real property will be taxed, in most states, as personal property. Manufactured home purchaser also has the option of placing and attaching the home on owned private property, thus qualifying for financing under the same conditions as a site built home. In other words, a manufactured home attached to real property is considered real estate in every respect.
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