Schult Homes: One Of The Most Respected Builders In The Industry and Still Going Strong

I have written several articles chronicling the evolution of the manufactured home and its predecessor, the “mobile home”. Over the many years there have been many transformations, innovations, and ideologies that have shaped what today’s manufactured home has become. Today’s modern manufactured home is now considered to be equal, and often superior, to the traditional site-built home in every respect. However, manufactured homes do set themselves apart when it comes to pricing by offering their homes for 15%-35% less than a traditional stick-built home.

From time to time I like to acknowledge and credit the people and companies most responsible for what the manufactured home and manufactured housing industry has become. There is one manufacturer that has survived, innovated, and adapted to the changes, and sometimes chaos, of the manufactured housing history. Schult Homes is not only the oldest, but one of the most respected manufacturers in the country. Since their first home in 1934, the Schult brand has stood for high quality, innovation, and affordability. Throughout the 75 plus years their brand has become an icon for the evolution of the industry.

The following is a review of Schult Homes and their history:

*Innovation in the 1930’s and 40’s

The early Schult models built in the 1930’s were more practical than plush, containing such necessities as coal heating stoves, portable water tanks, sofa beds and dinette chairs.

By the 1940’s, more luxury models were produced including a 50-foot portable home for the King of Egypt.

Schult led the industry in revolutionary designs. Steel frames, forced air heating, built-in electrical appliances, and complete indoor plumbing were all made available first in a Schult home.

When the U.S. government needed emergency housing during World War ll, Schult was the brand of choice. Out of necessity a new product was born–the sectional home. More than 2000 of these homes composed of 8×24-foot sections were provided for workers at the Tennessee Valley Authority.

After the war, young families and retirees searching for low-cost,  yet roomy housing, began to discover the convenience of living in a Schult home.

*Growth in the 1950’s, 60’s, and 70’s

In the 1950’s, Schult Homes began to include modern dinette sets, fluorescent  lighting, Venetian blinds, custom made bedroom dressers, modern plumbing, and shower doors.

In the 1960’s, superior production techniques such as “uni-strength” construction were introduced.

*Stability in the 1980’s and 90’s

In the 1980’s pioneering advances made Schult Homes competitive with site-built homes in both appearance and construction standard as Schult emphasized maintenance-free features and energy-saving designs.

Schult was at the forefront of new developments such as tape and textured painted drywall, natural wood cabinetry, architectural windows, and modular housing.

A wide variety of spacious floor plans, cathedral ceilings, and solid construction all helped the Schult name and reputation remain strong and steadfast throughout the nineties.

The 1970’s saw the addition of the Schultz’s popular front kitchen floor plan.

*Continuing Quality and Value into the New Millennium

Into the new millennium, the brand continues to be tastefully designed with today’s families in mind. Current homes feature walk-in closets, efficient kitchens, luxury baths, functional living areas, and dozens of upgradeable options.

Many things have changed over the the last 75 years, but one thing has remained the same–at that is the Schult name is still synonymous with “quality” in the manufactured housing industry.

This dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is what will continue to propel the Schult brand throughout the 21st century and beyond.

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