OMHA Undertakes Workforce Development Initiative

When the Oregon Manufactured Housing Association developed its new website (, several members saw applications beyond educating the consumer about the benefits of factory-built housing.  These members saw the site as an opportunity to start a workforce development campaign.  In March, the first video-oriented to potential workers was posted on and OMHA’s Facebook page.

Ben Roache of Palm Harbor worked with the branding development team at to write and produce a minute and a half video, containing positive messages about our homes and working for a company building them. 

Here is just a portion of the script from the video:

“The factory-built housing industry in the Pacific Northwest is seeking individuals with motivation, the potential for growth, and passion to build America’s future affordable homes. Factory-built homes are in high demand, and workers building them learn on-the-job skills and earn competitive pay, as well as regular weekday work hours, earn paid time off, and the benefits a growing family needs.”


The results were immediate. The video was posted late on a Tuesday and by Friday had was pushing 900 views on Facebook alone. Traffic to OMHA’s website was up, as well.

A week after the initial posting, the video was sent to all OMHA members, with a message to post the video to their own website and social media pages.  If you have not posted the video already, please do so. And if you posted the video when OMHA sent it to you, feel free to post it again. 

Sharing this video to other Facebook groups to which you or your team may belong (like your local Chamber of Commerce) will also help spread the message. The importance of the message in this workforce development video cannot be overstated and should be repeated often with as many people as possible.

OMHA intends to continue partnering with to create sharable content issues important to the industry. Remember to keep an eye out for a mid-month email from OMHA staff containing these materials.

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