Not a Mobile Home Anymore

Let’s clear up what Manufactured Housing really is, and what it offers.

Manufactured housing, simply put, is “the realization of the American dream of home ownership!”

So you may ask “How can that be?”

Many of those dreaming of owning a home are not visualizing a “mobile home” as housing they would typically consider purchasing. Perhaps they have preconceived notions that mobile homes are not “real homes”. Very often they have watched television news reports of tornadoes touching down where the only structures damaged seem to be mobile homes. Perhaps they may have overheard people living in manufactured homes referred to as “trailer trash” or “second class citizens”. Comedians tend to use mobile home references as a source of humor. Jeff Foxworthy often uses mobile homes as punch lines in his “You Must be a Redneck” comedy routines. (I myself admit to chuckling while attending one of his performances.)

This imagery probably dates back to the fledgling trailer industry of the 1940’s, 50’s and into the late 60’s when these units were built for people who wanted cheap housing that could be moved from “trailer park” to “trailer park”.  I’m not sure the criticism and stereotypes were justified then. As a veteran of nearly 50 years in the manufactured/mobile home industry I can happily report that today’s Manufactured home bears no resemblance to the mobile home/trailer of the past.

Manufactured homes today are built as well or better than site built housing. Innovative technology, design and construction methods are creating homes with features and amenities that appeal to the most discerning home purchasers. Manufactured homes are energy efficient, virtually maintenance free and often prove to be the most affordable housing option – especially during today’s difficult economic climate.

Existing owners of manufactured homes are overwhelmingly satisfied with their decision to purchase a manufactured home.  They are thankful that they chose a manufactured home as their dream house.

Note to new purchasers: If you are concerned about what others might say about your decision to buy a manufactured home: relax, they’ll never know the difference.

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