MFH News and View: Arkansas Manufactured Housing Association Introduces Videos; Dismissing Myths – Delivering Facts

Because of unfounded myths and erroneous characterizations, shoppers seeking quality affordable homes are sometimes reluctant to consider manufactured homes in the quest for quality affordable home ownership.

The myths that have been handed down from generation to generation have become less common over the last few years, thanks to a concerted efforts by the manufactured housing industry to inform the public that today’s modern manufactured homes bare little resemblance to the mobile homes of over forty years ago. Unfortunately, there are still would-be homeowners that still believe manufactured homes are unsafe (Read: wind and fire), and not constructed as well as traditional site-built homes, and will not retain value. All serious misnomers.

MH_Pro_NewsThe following report, courtesy of MH ProNews/ Manufactured Home Living News addresses how one state association has stepped up and provided factual information about progress made by the industry in countering misleading characterizations of today’s quality and affordable manufactured housing.

J.D. Harper, Executive Director of the Arkansas Manufactured Housing Association (AMHA) announced the completion and release of a series of short videos to address the myths – and facts – about today’s manufactured homes.

Our organization has been working on a series of short videos to address common myths, misconceptions, and stereotypes that many potential homebuyers have about the quality, value, and safety of manufactured homes,” said Harper. Concluding, “I’m proud to announce…after months of work by our Public Relations committee – the videos have been finalized.”

The short video segments address three important questions: 

  1. Are Manufactured Homes Safe?
  2. Are manufactured Homes Well Built?
  3. Are Manufactured Homes a Good Value?

In the first video, a couple is looking at the option to buy or rent with a growing family, and they present a question about the safety of manufactured homes.

 manufactured homes versus buying

Facts are provided regarding the adherence to U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regulated federal standards, including meeting or exceeding fire and wind requirements for other single-family housing. Additional facts on durability, including foundations, are also included.

1. “Get the Facts” – Are Manufactured Homes Safe?”

In Summary: Times and quality, have changed. The terms “trailers” or “mobile homes” no longer fit the modern manufactured home.

In video two, the periodic questions about lower cost/lower quality concerns are addressed.

The case is made that many of the misconceptions about manufactured homes are based on outdated information.

2. “Get the Facts” – Are manufactured Homes Well Built?”

In Summary: The labor savings and other advantages of modern assembly line technology allow quality, delivered quickly, at a lower price.

In video three, the question of value for a customer on a budget versus “just a cheaper house” is presented.

3.“Get the Facts” – Are Manufactured Homes a Good Value?”

In Summary: Modern manufactured homes are built with the same types of materials that other homes are, indoors in an environment that allows for better quality control. In turn, the modern manufactured home has a better chance to hold or increase in value.

MFH Notes. The Arkansas Manufactured Housing Association is to be commended for their efforts to help counter the untrue narratives that many shoppers and those that influence them continue to espouse.

A combined effort by those at the state associations, and most importantly individual retailers interacting daily with potential skittish homeowners hesitant about choosing a manufactured home because of false beliefs, could go a long way in dispelling those false beliefs with factual knowledge and information about the wonderful attributes of today’s modern new manufactured homes.

In a world of disinformation, where do you obtain the information to dispel those false beliefs? Here at we have accumulated a resource library of informative factual information that shoppers and retailers will find helpful and perhaps result in homeownership.

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