Manufactured Homes Created By Happy Homeowners

You have considered a manufactured home as an affordable alternative to a site built home, but there’s one daunting question you have in mind: Will a manufactured home provide me the type of homeowner lifestyle that I envision?  Perhaps you are not certain a manufactured home would have the features, floor plan, design, or quality construction that would be available in that of a site-built home.  How do manufactured homes even compare to traditional, site-built homes?

With feedback from thousands of new manufactured home owners, these doubts and reservations are extinguished.  The truth of the matter is that new manufactured home owners are among thousands of people that believe that today’s manufactured home is equal or even superior to a site-built home in every respect.

These manufactured home owners are responsible for much of the creativity in design and innovation of the modern manufactured home.

Manufactured home builders rely upon surveys and interviews with recent purchasers of their homes to gage not only the satisfaction level with the home, but also receive invaluable feedback in home improvement and design.


Many of the designs, features, upgrades, and amenities of the manufactured homes of today are direct reflections of the opinions and experiences of existing homeowners.  Thus, the manufactured home builder has the flexibility to adjust quickly to the ever changing needs, desires, and lifestyles of new home buyers based on existing homeowner’s opinions and experiences.

In addition, homeowners universally agree that manufactured homes are more energy efficient than stick-built homes.  In fact, they often express their delight when they find that the cost of heating and air conditioning are far less than what they expected!

Another thing that homeowners often comment about is that no space is ever wasted in the layout of their home.  Manufactured home floor plans allow convenient furniture placement and access to all areas of home!

Quality of material and workmanship of the manufactured home are also far superior to expectations and found to be more maintenance-free than other homes they have lived in.

Fact:  An average of 90% of homeowners responding to satisfaction surveys are enjoying the manufactured home lifestyle and would recommend manufactured housing to others!


The vision of owning your dream home will become a reality in a new manufactured home, especially when it is designed, decorated, and built to your personal preferences!

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