Manufactured Housing Production, Shipment and Sales Surge Continues in April 2022

Manufactured housing is offering American consumers a path to quality affordable homeownership as manufactured home production and sales growth continues to advance, despite still existing multiple headwinds that include inflationary pressures, supply chain interruptions, and workforce issues.

In fact, the production and shipment of manufactured homes have continued to increase month over previous month for each of the first 5 months of 2022, remarkable considering last year’s (2021) shipments reached the highest totals in over 15 years.

The following official statistical shipment/production reports, courtesy of the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) and the Manufactured Association of Regulatory Reform (MHARR), clearly validate the continuing role of manufactured homes in addressing America’s deepening housing crisis. 

The first report is the Monthly Economic Report provided by MHI comparing manufactured home shipments through May 2022 with the previous month and year.


     10,457 New HUD-Code Homes Shipped in May

(MHI) – In May 2022, 10,457 new manufactured homes were shipped, an increase of 289 homes or 2.8 percent compared to April 2022, an increase of 1,852 homes or 21.5 percent compared to May 2021. Compared with the same month last year, shipments of single-section and multi-section homes were both up, by 38.0 percent and 9.7 percent, respectively. 

The seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR) of shipments was 126,207 in May 2022. Up 1.4 percent compared to the adjusted rate of 124,424 homes in April 2022. The SAAR corrects for normal seasonal variations and projects annual shipments based on the current monthly total.

The number of plants reporting production in May 2022 was 141 and the number of active corporations was 33, the same number of plants and corporations as in the prior two months.


      Top Ten Manufactured Home Shipment States

(MHARR) – An analysis of the official statistics shows that the top ten states from the beginning of the production rebound in August 2011 through May 2022 and the prior year (2021) – are:

      State                     Cumulative         April 2022         2022           2021


  1. Texas                146,525                1,820              9,065          7,701                    
  2. Florida               54,430                   671              3,369           3,071
  3. Louisiana          48,840                  523               2,472          2,375
  4. N.C.                    38,703                  510               2,586          2,561     
  5. Alabama            37,847                1,236              3,260          2.126
  6. Mississippi         30,771                  336               1,864          1,889
  7. Michigan            29,916                  446               1,912           1,665
  8. California           29,321                  349               1,652           1,395
  9. Kentucky           27,687                   331               1,738            1,661   
  10. Tennessee         24,445                   360               1,673           1,442


The May data results in no changes to the cumulative top-ten list.

Note: The shipment data is for HUD Code manufactured homes and does not include a significant number of modular homes produced by manufactured home builders.

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