Manufactured housing made news across the country this week, from op-eds in Boston on affordability, to pre-fab housing’s impact on the San Jose real estate market, to the intersection of manufactured homes and tiny houses in a Maine community. Check out the highlight reel below.

House Hunters: San Jose. An article in Kiplinger’s explored what $300,000 can buy in several cities across the country, including a three-bedroom, two bath manufactured home in San Jose. The house features plenty of outdoor perks, like a covered carport with enough space for three cars and an automated sprinkler system.

An Affordable Answer.
A lengthy op-ed in the Boston Globe this week asks, “Are manufactured homes the answer to the affordable housing crisis?” The piece features input from numerous experts, with the author ultimately concluding that, “The impact [manufactured homes] have in addressing our affordable housing shortage may ultimately depend on how big a role we allow them to play.” (We recommend letting them play a big role.)

Home Sweet (Tiny) Home. In Brunswick, Maine, a manufactured home community is rolling out the welcome mat for over 70 tiny homes for the first time. (This article does a strong job of outlining the differences between manufactured housing and tiny homes, for those still scratching their heads a little about the difference.)

The Future of Housing?
And over on Quartz, a deep dive into the future of housing includes a lot (a lot!) of mentions about manufactured housing. We’ll be exploring the piece in depth later this week, but if you want to brush up on it now, right this way.

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