Manufactured Homes: Frequently Asked Questions

Over the last several months, I have posted numerous in-depth articles regarding the many attributes of manufactured homes.  However, I have received many questions from those looking to buy a manufactured home and most are along the same ones.  So, I took the liberty of addressing the most frequently asked questions below in summary capsule form.

Please feel free to reply to any of those postings with your comments or any other inquiries regarding the manufactured home or the manufactured home industry.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q:  What is the difference between a manufactured home and a mobile home?

A: They are one and the same. In 1980, the name mobile home was changed to manufactured home by Congress to better describe a home that is no longer considered as “mobile” as it was in its origin. Nonetheless, many in the industry and outside the industry still refer to manufactured homes as ‘mobile homes’ and those that sell them as ‘mobile home dealers.’ Call them whichever you prefer, but as the saying goes, “ A home by any other name is still a home.”

Q:  Are manufactured homes a good investment?

A: Manufactured homes appreciate in value just like site-built houses. Start building equity instead of pouring rent money down the drain. You will get the investment and tax advantages that only come with owning your own home.

Q: Aren’t site built homes better than manufactured homes?

A: No!  Manufactured homes are the only housing in America built to a national code. I have previously detailed many of the advantages of manufactured homes versus the site built —  including the fact that manufactured homes are constructed in a factory environment that is not subject to weather conditions that can impact a home built on site. Energy efficiency and fire safety are just two of  many qualities of manufactured home construction that are superior to a typical site built home.

Q: Where can I put a manufactured home?

A: It doesn’t matter whether you want to live in a city in a neighborhood, out on acreage, or in a leasehold community. Visit any manufactured home sales center or mobile home dealer and the housing professionals will gladly provide information and guidance to help you build your custom home on the land of your choice.

Q: Does a manufactured home require special financing?

A: Purchasing a manufactured home is much like purchasing any other home. But the loan you get may depend on whether you already own property: plan to lease property or to purchase property. Most manufactured home dealers can help contact lenders and provide support and guidance throughout the process.

Q: I already own property. Now what?

A: When you have found the property you want, have your manufactured home retailer inspect the site. The dealer representative can provide step-by-step information on site preparation, help select the right home for your property size and shape, and suggest different ways of placing your home on the property.

Q: My property is pretty far off the beaten path. Can I still get a manufactured home?

A: Manufactured homes are a great solution for rural acreage. Compare the cost of installing a manufactured home to the cost of  transporting construction crews to a remote site for months on end – the savings will astound you.

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