Manufactured Homes Are The Number One Choice In Specialized Housing

The manufactured home is the ideal choice for anyone who desires to own a quality and affordable home.

Manufactured homes offer a solid foundation for your investment—whether it is your first home or your vacation home—manufactured homes are built in factories to ensure quality control, affordability, and efficiency.Today’s manufactured home building process allows home buyers to order a customized, quality built home that is completed in a matter of weeks compared to a site-built home that can often take up to several months to complete.

This versatility of factory customization and timely construction has spawned several other utilitarian uses for this unique housing option. Here a just a few of the ways that manufactured homes serve a variety of needs:

Emergency Housing

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)  has employed the use of manufactured homes as quick response housing for those displaced by natural disasters, including the flooding in North Dakota in 2011, Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf coast, and most recently, the flooding in Colorado.In fact, following Hurricane Katrina there were 144,000 families living in the FEMA supplied manufactured homes.

In the North Dakota flooding over 600 families subsequently purchased the temporary manufactured homes as their permanent housing at the completion of FEMA’s mission servicing the flood victims.

Oil Field Man Camps

Manufactured housing is the primary housing option for oil field workers in the oil-patch fields in Texas and the Bakken oil boom in North Dakota and Montana. Several manufacturers are providing multi-section and modular multiple story housing to accommodate the demands created by this oil drilling activity. A typical camp will have a group of manufactured multi-sections homes with as many as 10 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms including a community dining area for the oil field workers.There has also been a trend towards the use of manufactured homes in the construction of motel-suite type private accommodations for workers and their families.

Hybrid Site Built Subdivisions

Various on-site builders across the country are beginning to realize the production efficiency, quality, and affordability of manufactured homes. As a result, many so-called “stick built” project developers are utilizing manufactured homes as the primary component of the site built homes in these developments to reduce building costs and to expedite completion.

Second Homes and Vacation Homes

Mobile homes (now properly referred to as manufactured homes) are the number one choice for second-home and vacation-home purchasers nationwide. The quality of construction, flexibility of customization, size choices, and affordability are just a few of the many benefits of purchasing a manufactured home as a second home or a vacation home. These homes are popular because of short time from delivery to occupancy, as compared to building on-site which is subject to adverse weather conditions and unsupervised builders at a remote site.

Dual-Occupancy Homes

Also called a “mother-in-law” home is a detached manufactured home that shares the same property with the main home. Often used by homeowners primarily in rural areas, and recently in urban locations to accommodate multi-generation families. These families share their homestead property with other relatives, friends, or other adults. Often the second home is occupied by an elderly parent that may need special attention at times but still wishes to maintain independence and privacy  while living close to family and friends.

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