Manufactured Home Rental Communities: The Preferred Choice

Many purchasers of new manufactured homes in the U.S. have their homes sited on private property. This is especially true in rural areas of the country. In urban areas the preferred placements are manufactured home rental communities. These are mostly prevalent in areas where land costs are extremely high such as California and Florida, but we are gradually seeing these communities becoming quite common in all areas of the country.
Within the past few years manufactured homes are increasingly being utilized, instead of site built homes, in home subdivision developments.

Manufactured Home Rental Communities

The “trailer park” era is over. It has, instead, evolved into today’s modern manufactured home rental communities, which have become the preference for families and seniors who are now able to set down their roots thanks to the affordability of manufactured homes.
The rental communities of today are well maintained and afford homeowners a safe, friendly and virtually maintenance free mode of living that your typical “cookie cutter” site built development simply cannot duplicate.
Family communities offer amenities such as playgrounds, athletic facilities, swimming pools and clubhouses for residents.

Senior manufactured home communities provide residents with the security and social connectivity conducive to creating a happy and satisfying lifestyle they both enjoy and desire. Recreational facilities are geared toward activities that appeal to seniors. Residents of these communities tend to develop long lasting relationships with their fellow community members, all of whom absolutely come to love the atmosphere of a senior manufactured home community.

Manufactured Home Subdivisions

Many traditional site builders are now utilizing manufactured homes instead of “stick built” homes in their housing developments. They have discovered that manufactured homes are built equal to or better than their stick built counterparts and include just as many (if not more) features and desirable amenities.

Manufactured homes are more often preferred by homeowner purchasers. Community developers utilizing the manufactured home are not as subject to construction problems such as weather, waste, personnel or delays. A manufactured home developer’s costs are primarily fixed, and is therefore able to complete the project in a systematic and expedient fashion. The savings can then be passed along to the homebuyer, allowing the homes to be sold at prices far less than site built competition.
Manufactured homes installed in a subdivision can be delivered and ready for occupancy within a few weeks, whereas site built homes can take several months.

The placement and versatility of today’s manufactured home truly satisfies the American dream of quality and affordable home ownership.

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