Your Next Manufactured Home: Discover What You Can Expect to Pay

Between the base price of the manufactured home, cost of the land, upgrades and site preparation – what can the average homebuyer expect to pay for their next manufactured home?

There are many factors that can affect the total cost of a manufactured home when combined with private property to be purchased and included in the total consideration: that includes the home, land, all site preparation, and upgrades.

Those price variables are most influenced based upon where the home is to be sited, local building authority requirements and the extent of site improvements preferred by the manufactured home purchaser. Instead of trying to address every possible option, we will break down the “typical” costs you can expect to experience when purchasing your next manufactured home. The amount you end up paying can and will vary based on your location and upgrades.

Let’s say, for instance, I receive a job offer that will require me to move to north Texas, near the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I’ve located property in a rural subdivision zoned for today’s modern manufactured homes on the outskirts of Sherman, Texas, a growing community with a population of 41,200 within an hour commute to downtown Dallas. I have spoken to my bank, and I have $200,000 to spend on my new home. I have chosen a design I like with three bedrooms, two baths and 1,780 square feet of living space.

Land –  $25,000

Get what you pay for the manufactured housingLand value may vary greatly, depending on its location. In some areas, an acre of buildable land may cost as little $1,000.00 or as much as $100,000. The $25,000 purchase cost of our building lot is comparably priced with other similar manufactured home properties in the area.

Base Home Price – $90,000

Sunshine homes hybrid/HIV 3270 – 310The retailer’s base price for the home I have chosen is $90,000. The price includes normal delivery and installation including placement permits and the pilot car escorts that drive behind and front of the trucks to alert other drivers to the oversized loads. It does not include special customization upgrades we would like to make and optional amenities we will add to make the home exactly as we have envisioned.

Customizations – $18,000

While the manufactured home is already close to what we are looking for, it lacks the personal feel that customizing the home will give us. We also want to go “green” by adding extra insulation in floor, ceiling, and walls, Energy Star upgraded appliance packages, granite kitchen countertops, and a luxurious master bath with large soaking tub, separate shower stall, and double sinks. We were pleasantly surprised that the manufacturer has available an optional covered 8’ fully integrated covered porch at a cost much less than building one on site.

Site Preparation – $25,000

Building site preparation costIt is recommended that you employ a licensed general contractor that has local experience in contracting and installing all of the functions required to prepare the site and connection to utilities.

Often the retailer/dealer will either serve as a general contractor or refer you to someone experienced and licensed to perform the functions of site preparations and be responsible for all subcontractors employed at home site.

(Caveat: It is best not to authorize your new manufactured home be built before accumulating the information, time frame and costs of the site work and utility requirements.)

The costs of site preparation of $25,000 is about average for a property fairly flat with utilities close by at the street. If a well had been required the additional costs would have been an extra $8,000 to $12,000 or more.

The contractor’s bid obtained on our behalf by the retailer will include permits, inspection fees, septic system, excavation, perimeter block foundation, utility connection from street to home, grading, driveway and flat work.

Site Built Garage – $24,000

Manufactured housing garage costIf your budget will accommodate, we will include in our financing the cost of a 20’ X 20’ site built two car garage (attached) that will cost about $24,000. We have specified where the garage will be attached to the home and notified the factory to provide a firewall door from home to garage. That cost has been included in the options we are adding.

Other Estimated Manufactured Housing Construction Costs:

It is unlikely that my out-of-pocket expense will be $2,000. However, I will be prepared in the event that becomes a reality.

Permits and Fees:  $2000.00

Manufactured home construction time-saving costThe total costs applicable to the purchase of the land, such as title fees, document fees, realtor fees, etc. are not accounted for in our total manufactured home costs. Those charges most likely will be included in the financing package, as opposed to out of pocket expenses.

There are official fees and assessments in housing jurisdictions is some areas of the country that are not necessarily applicable to manufactured home installations in the State of Texas, such as developer fees, school impact fees, special permit fees, environmental impact fees, mitigation fees, etc. An example would be the State of California where these fees will cost in excess of $12,000 to get a permit to place a single manufactured home on private property.

Construction Loan Costs – $4,000

Construction loan costsThe lending process is equivalent to the same conditions as that of building a home on site. You will need to first apply for a construction loan that has provisions for staged funding whereby lender releases funds payable to entities that are completing predetermined stages of the construction process. The first draw will be to the retailer for the home cost when manufactured home has been sited on the property. Other scheduled draws will be paid to the contractors as per a scheduled completion agreement. The interest and fees you will be charged by the lender will be assessed based upon an agreed upon timeline for completion of the project. When completed the constructed loan will be closed and the construction loan will be retired by the permanent loan.

If my bank does not offer construction financing, my retailer/dealer will refer me to a lender that specializes in manufactured home construction financing.

All-In Cost – $183,000

Manufactured home: what you can expect to spend for a manufactured home with land and what that money pays forThe final price of my new quality built manufactured home comes to $188,000. That averages out to just around $106.00 per square foot of living space for our well constructed, energy efficient three bedroom two bath home with a two car attached garage, factory installed 240 sq.ft covered porch and all the custom features and amenities to satisfy our specific needs and desires in our dream home.   

Featured Manufactured Home model the Hybrid HYD 3270 – 310 by Sunshine Homes

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