Manufactured Home News: South Carolina “Tiny Home” Scam – 1,000 Space Florida Home MH Community to Expand – RHP Properties Acquires MH Communities in Kentucky – Legality of “Tiny Homes” on Wheels in Idaho

Consumer Alert: Tiny Home Scam Reported Across So. Carolina

The Manufactured Housing Institute of South Carolina (MHISC) is warning residents not to fall victim to a scam popping up across the state in which groups try to pass off “illegal structures” as tiny homes.

According to MHISC, several “roadside retailers” are selling “modified storage sheds” and claiming they are tiny homes. The structures are often sheds under 200 square feet that are technically “accessory structures.” The scammers add amenities such as plumbing to the sheds and call them tiny homes. In reality, the “structures are not built to proper state codes and lack the safety standards needed to support habitation, including proper ventilation for toxic byproducts of heating and cooking appliances.” according to MHISC.

MHISC says that structures are not only dangerous, but they’re also illegal. Once the modifications are made to the sheds, they are no longer considered “accessory structures” and require special permitting.

Anyone with knowledge of a structure that might fall into this category should contact the SC Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation.  Source: NEWS 2  Columbia, S.C.


Florida County Approves Higher Density For Manufactured Home Communities – 1,000 Home Community To Expand

The Pasco County Commission in a 5-0 vote passed a land-use change that will allow greater density on about 30 acres near Zephyrhills, Florida. The change increases the allowable density from three units per acre to six units per acre and lays the groundwork for future rezoning.

The rezoning, which is being pursued, will accommodate the expansion of the Forest Lakes Community, a 1,000-home manufactured housing community for people age 55 and older.  Source: The Laker/ Lutz News 


Nation’s Largest Manufactured Home Community Owner, RHP, Acquires Properties in Kentucky

RHP Properties, the nation’s largest private owner and operator of manufactured home communities, has announced the acquisition of two manufactured home communities in Kentucky, its first in the state. This expands the company’s overall portfolio to 29 states and brings the company’s total of manufactured home communities to 303 nationwide. The announcement was made by Ross Partrich, CEO, RHP Properties. With these purchases, RHP Properties now owns and operates the manufactured home communities of Autumn Leaf and Hickory Acres, both in Sheperdsville, located 20 miles south of Louisville.   Source: Losco County News-Herald


Idaho County P&Z Discussion On Legality OF “Tiny Homes” On Wheels As Permanent Dwellings

The Blaine County (Idaho) Planning and Zoning board has determined that tiny homes on wheels are in line with the comprehensive plan’s goal to provide more affordable housing in the region, taking the first steps towards allowing the small scale structures as one solution to the valley’s housing crunch.

The commissioners spent a significant portion of their Dec.9 meeting distinguishing legally defined differences between traditional “mobile homes,” recreational vehicles (RVs), and tiny homes on wheels. The trouble for the board is that there are few national ordinances in place from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) in regards to tiny homes on wheels. According to the NFPA code, so-called “Park Model” recreational vehicles are intended for seasonal use only, which would defeat the original purpose of providing affordable. permanent housing solutions. The ANSI code, however, determined that “…because of conditions of transport, size, and use, existing standards for permanent buildings and recreational vehicles are not completely applicable to Park Model RVs.”

This leaves a regulatory gray area, and the board proposed to make certain changes to the county ordinance to consider tiny homes on wheels as a sort of in-between of an RV and traditional mobile home or accessory dwelling unit (ADU). How exactly they resolve it remains to be seen, as county officials continue to wordsmith the legislative recommendation. Source: Idaho Mountain Express
Editor’s Note:   For more information about tiny homes as permanent residents, click our previous post – “Code Consistency Is the “Nail In The Coffin For Tiny Home Builders And Buyers

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