Manufactured Home Decks Add Space, Curb Appeal, and Value

How can you add curb appeal to your manufactured home and create more living space at the same time? Consider adding a deck. There are many benefits to adding manufactured home decks, such as:

  • Creating a space that invites relaxation and community. Decks naturally invite family and friends to hang out and relax, and can provide you with a great way to host parties and cookouts.
  • Improving the look of your manufactured home. Decks can transform your home’s appearance, disguise an unsightly lawn, and give a beautiful balance to the look of your home.
  • Increasing the value of your home. Decks expand your outdoor living space and help increase the worth of your home if you are trying to sell it.

So, how much does it cost to add decks on to manufactured homes? This depends on who installs the deck, and on how large and ornate the deck will be. Other factors are the materials and construction methods you decide to use. For example, a deck constructed using non-renewable hardwood will cost much more than one built out of pine.

Manufactured home decks can be built in many ways. Some of these are very similar to how you would construct a deck for a stick-built home. Many factory-built home dealers also offer deck installation as an added feature in a home package. For example, some retailers offer rectangular decks that attach to the front or back door as a standard option. Additional deck options include installing a roof, steps, lattice or stone work to cover raised areas, a built-in hot tub area, built-in benches, and even attached gazebos.

If you’re confused about the type of deck that will work best for your manufactured home, research will help. Online resources like can help you decide on the style, shape, and construction of your deck. Once you’ve decided, you can even find a local manufactured home retailer to help you get it built.

Once you decide on a deck design and have a crew to build it, your deck will probably go up pretty quickly. When building manufactured home decks, carpenters begin by framing the basic skeleton, and then planking and finishing it. You will have limited access to the area surrounding the deck installation, so you might need to use a different entry door until it is complete.

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