Kit Homebuilders West and Energy Star: Low-Energy Living in a High Comfort Home

The Pacific Northwest is probably the geographical area in the U.S. that is most attuned to energy conservation and the importance of the “green” phenomena. Kit HomeBuilders West and the manufactured housing industry is on-board with this environmental concept of preserving our natural resources and low cost energy savings in a high comfort home.

The production efficiencies of manufactured housing construction combined with the building envelope, air distribution, and heating and cooling enhancements results in lower initial and long term home ownership costs. The ENERGY STAR labeling program only enhances those energy savings concepts.

Kit Homebuilders West and Energy Star: Low-Energy Living in a High Comfort Home

Kit Homebuilders West and Energy Star: Low-Energy Living in a High Comfort Home

Kit HomeBuilders West has been building quality energy efficient manufactured homes in the Northwest for many years. In addition to the production efficiencies inherent with with the construction process of  manufactured homes, Kit HomeBuilders West is proud to offer one of the first steps you can take toward a “green” home is by utilizing the ENERGY STAR program.


Jointly administered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the U.S. Department of Energy, ENERGY STAR is a voluntary labeling program designed to identify energy efficient products to consumers. Kit HomeBuilders West  ENERGY STAR manufactured homes are designed to be 30% more energy efficient than a comparable site  home built to the Model Energy Code.

Low-Energy Living in a High Comfort Home

Low-Energy Living in a High Comfort Home

So why choose Energy Star?

To Save money!  When you consider your home’s total operating cost (mortgage plus utilities), the energy efficient Kit Energy Star Home saves money every month through lower utility costs. Some homeowners have reported monthly energy savings that pay for the Energy Star features  within the first 20 to 24 months of home of home ownership.

Save more money!!  Energy Star financing partners offer incentives as cash back at closing, interest discounts, or certain fees. In addition some utility companies promote special programs designed to encourage reduced energy consumption through energy efficiency.

Make more money!!!  When the time comes to sell your manufactured home, studies have shown that energy efficient homes earn a much higher resale value than average homes.

Makes your home more comfortable!!!!  Properly installed and inspected insulation in floors,walls and ceilings provides even temperatures throughout the home, resulting in reduced energy use and enhances dramatically the comfort of the homeowner.

Preserving the environment!!!!!  Preserving the environment!!!! When a manufactured home produced by Kit HomeBuilders West is delivered  it can be up to 95% complete upon arrival at site. The minimal on site construction generates only a fraction of the site waste associated with conventional site built construction.

Investing in an ENERGY STAR home from Kit HomeBuilders West saves you money for the life of of your home,and assures comfortability regardless of the sometimes harsh weather of the Pacific Northwest. Kit HomeBuilders West, an Energy Star partner, makes the choice easy by offering ENERGY STAR performance levels for every home they build.

Michigan Tough: MFH Warmer Than Stick Built HomesKit HomeBuilders West is the most prominent and respected builder of high quality manufactured homes in the Pacific Northwest. Kit has been a pioneer in building energy efficient, environment friendly homes for decades from their manufacturing facility in Caldwell, Idaho.

Kit HomeBuilders West manufactured homes are available through a large network of independent professional retailers throughout the states of Idaho,Washington, Oregon,Utah, Montana, Wyoming,Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota and Northern California

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