The Kabco MD-12 Manufactured Home Tour

The Kabco MD-12 Manufactured Home Tour: The Kabco MD-12 Manufactured Home is an expansive three bedroom, two bath home that enjoys a spacious family room / living area, a masterfully designed kitchen – which is thoroughly modern – and features a large walk-in pantry with several different cabinet upgrades available. The Kabco MD-12 Model also offers its owner a generous and hospitable master bedroom suite, boasting a large walk-in closet with a luxurious bathroom and offering a multitude of potential upgraded amenities. At 1554 total square feet, the 28 ft. wide x 62 ft. long manufactured home is just one of the many products built by good the people at Kabco Builders, Inc.

Kabco initially began designing and building their upgraded and thoroughly modern manufactured homes approximately 11 years ago (in May, 2003), and were thrilled when they completed their first manufactured home built to HUD’s code in late October, 2013.

After more than a decade in the industry, The Kabco Company builds their Homes to accommodate even the most discerning buyer. Built to withstand the test of time, the Kabco MD-12 is meticulously inspected during its construction process. Maintaining their commitment to producing the highest quality product, supervisors at Kabco Homes keep a watchful eye on the construction process and monitor the MD-12 as a means of ensuring top-notch quality throughout the construction process.

The Kabco MD-12 Manufactured Home

The Kabco MD-12 Manufactured Home

Constructed from some of the finest building materials available, the Kabco MD-12 utilizes 12 foot I-Beams, 2 x 8 floor joists on a 16-inch center, Truss style rafters, three-quarter inch tongue and groove plywood floors, energy-efficient Low E Windows, and offers the buyers their choice of several different solid wood cabinet doors and styles. Additionally, Kabco offers a plethora of choices for bathroom fixtures and upgrades.

The Kabco Manufactured Home Company is an American owned and operated business that employs only skilled contractors in the construction their US-made manufactured homes.

Kabco’s owners, Mike Thompson and Keith Bennett have been in the manufactured housing industry for well over 35 years – representing a collective 90 years’ worth of experience in the production, engineering and sales of factory built modular homes.

With traditional stick built, site-constructed homes continuing to skyrocket in their building costs, the Kabco MD-12 offers an affordable and energy efficiency alternative for those seeking to reach the American dream of home ownership.


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