If you are thinking of becoming a manufactured homeowner, you should pay close attention to many details to ensure that you find the home that will suit your needs and preferences. Before you begin serious shopping, you should sit down with the members of your household to discuss preferences and the many options and choices available to you. The following are some suggested things you should consider or explore:


Step 1: Do Your Research And Shopping On-Line

Here at ManufacturedHomes.com, you will find all the tools and information to discover the right home for your family. You will be able to review floor plans and models from all the manufacturers of today’s manufactured homes, compare specifications, experience 3D virtual tours of actual homes available in your local area, and secure competitive price quotations, all from the comfort and privacy of your existing home.


Step 2: Selecting Floor Plan To Address Family Dynamic

Most likely one of the first considerations when shopping for a new manufactured home (or site-built), will be the floor plan configuration and the number of bedrooms that address the family dynamic. Manufactured home builders of model home floor plan choices across the U.S., offer both single section and multi-section homes, with one to five bedrooms and one to three bathrooms. The floor plan most homebuyers choose is an open concept floor plan with variations that features the master bedroom and ensuite bath privately located away from guest bedrooms and secondary bath(s) at the opposite end of the home with a spacious living room open to a bright modern kitchen with gathering island and adjoining dining room at the center of the plan.


Step 3: Determine Where You Will Locate Your New Home

“Putting the cart before the horse” is occasionally applicable to purchasers of new manufactured homes. Often entering into a purchase agreement before knowing where the home is to be installed.

Typically manufactured home placements are within a land-lease community, aka “mobile home park” or upon private property. The new home and placement site should be compatible and simultaneous. Your choice of site will have varying advantages, and some pitfalls, such as zoning restrictions, type of financing available, cost of installation, etc. For an understanding of the importance of that compatibility factor, click our previous post, Manufactured Home Purchasing Tip: New Home And Placement Site Should Be Compatible And Simultaneous


Step 4: Financing Your New Manufactured Home

Most shoppers seeking manufactured homeownership will need financing and will be confused as to how that is to be accomplished. Knowing what type of financing and the amount you may qualify for is an important element of your shopping experience.

It is important to know your credit standing. When it comes to saving money and qualifying for financing, the higher the score, the better your chances of approval and the lower your interest rate will be.

Seeking pre-qualification and approval via your own lender, bank, credit union, etc., or through a manufactured home retailer would be recommended before completing the purchase. For more information, click, Brief Capsules Of Popular Financing Options Available For Manufactured Home Purchasers.


Step 5: Prepare Before In-Person Interaction With Retailer

Requesting an online price quotation for a particular home from a retailer is a valuable feature here at ManufacturedHomes.com.  Generally, that quotation will be a base price that does or does not necessarily include optional features and the cost of delivery and installation to your home site. Before visiting the retailer’s sales center we would recommend interacting via telephone or e-mail with the retailer to secure pricing on those features or services, as well as developing a rapport with the seller. We suggest clicking our post,Having it Your Way”- Manufactured Home Customization, Options, and Features.

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