Finding Land for Your Manufactured Home: Pitfalls to Watch Out For

So you have found a manufactured home plan that you love and you want to get the ball rolling so that you can move into your new home.  Before you proceed with the commitment to purchase, you will need to find the right land for your manufactured home. Not all land is the same. In fact, some lots and acreages have specific building code restrictions that may limit manufactured homes to be installed on the property.

When you look for land for your manufactured home, you should find out:

   —  Will the land need a well installed, or does it have access to a public

     water connection?

   —  Does the land have access to a public sewer, or will it need a septic


   —  Does the land have any building code restrictions or covenants?

   —  Will the property need electricity brought in , or does it have access to a power line?

   —  How steep is the land, and is the soil stable enough for a manufactured home?

   —  Does the land have year-round access, or is it seasonal property?

   —  Are there existing structures on the property that need to be


You can end up saving a lot of money if you can find land for your manufactured home that already has power and utilities to the site, so it can benefit you to do a lot of research to find just the right property.

Ask yourself if you want to locate your new manufactured home land/lease community or a manufactured home subdivision which probably will have power water, sewer ready to go, or if you want a more private setting in the country. Although you might have to install utilities, most rural properties will have fewer building restrictions.

Talk to a local real estate agent to assist you in locating property to suit your needs.  Often your local manufactured home retailer will be aware of property for sale that would be manufactured home “friendly,” as to zoning restrictions, access, utilities, etc. If you agree to purchase a particular home from a retailer, subject to locating a property of your choosing, your retailer will undoubtedly be a big assistance in locating the perfect location for your new dream home.



Photo via Jacobsen Homes

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