As the seemingly endless 2020 presidential election campaign begins to heat up, the long roster of Democrat contenders is beginning to lay out their plan addressing the ever increasing affordable housing crisis. 

With the exception of the Trump campaign and the Julian Castro plan, none of the plans thus far make any mention the role of manufactured housing could and should play in addressing the affordable homeownership crisis, that is curtailing the uniquely American dream of owning a home for many hardworking lower to middle income citizens. The opportunity for Americans to realize that dream is one of the many great aspirations that set the USA apart from any other nation in the world.


Ben Carson, the Trump administration’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has been an active and vocal proponent for the utilization of manufactured homes in addressing the nation’s lack of affordable homeownership and homelessness alleviation, including regulatory and bureaucratic reforms that have hampered access to America’s only affordable non-subsidized quality housing–manufactured homes.

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The following are the known affordable housing positions of some of the major presidential candidates, according to Housing Wire and other on-line services. With one exception (Castro) none of the proposed plans incorporate utilizing manufactured homes as a possible solution to the affordable housing crisis.

In fact, the affordable housing issue appears to be on the back burner, preferring issues such as Medicare for all, eliminating student debt, climate change, immigration, racial issues, and taxation.

It is interesting to note that almost all of the candidates have proposed renter assistance, federal vouchers, rent control measures and/or allocating tax dollars to construct multi-unit rental apartment complexes. Addressing affordable homeownership – not considered by most.


Julian Castro

Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (Obama Administration) recently added to his list of program, promises the following, to “expand protections for homeowners residing in manufactured and mobile homes and actively prevent gentrification by working with state and local governments to improve oversight of rent increases and redevelopment that displaces families, supporting the renters in purchasing the land their homes reside on, addressing the effect of corporate practices that have displaced families in manufactured and mobile homes, and investigating the role private equity and Real Estate Investment Trusts in displacing families and rising housing costs.”


Joe Biden

Former Vice President Joe Biden wants to make sure 100% of all formerly incarcerated individuals have a place to live when they get out of prison, including increasing funding for transitional housing for formerly incarcerated individuals.


Elizabeth Warren

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass, in her affordable housing plan would expand the National Housing Trust and provide $455 billion over 10 years to build, preserve and operate rental homes affordable to families with the greatest needs, Warren would also seek to lower the cost of renting.


 Cory Booker

One of Sen.Cory Booker, D-NJ plans includes creating a federally funded savings account, known as “Baby Bonds,” for new born children, so they can have a fair shot at homeownership. Booker would also be expanding the Fair Housing discrmination protections for sexual orientation, gender and source of income.


Kamala Harris

In August, Sen. Kamala Harris, D-CA announced her extensive plan designed to increase the homeownership rate in black communities, which includes forming a federal grant program through HUD to address the racial wealth gap and investing $100 billion in HUD grants to help black people buy homes in historically redlined communities.


Pete Buttigieg

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, D-Ind., has laid out his plan, called the Douglas Plan, to also address racial discrepancies in homeownership. Buttigieg’s plan includes ending homelessness for families with children, funding national investments in affordable housing construction.


Beto O’Rourke

The former Rep. Beto O’Rourke, D-Tex, has a plan to increase funding for the National Housing Trust to increase the stock of affordable housing and housing assistance programs, as well as consider expanding Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers.


Amy Klobuchar

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Min.,has a plan to increase investments in rural communities and expand affordable housing programs to serve Native Americans. She would also create an emergency fund for renters through portable savings accounts and expand the mobility housing vouchers that would allow families to use the vouchers in higher opportunity neighborhoods.

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