Breaking Ground: Manufactured / Modular Home Building Site Preparation

How will your building site be prepared for your new manufactured home?

After you’ve ordered your new manufactured or modular home, time conscious buyers in a hurry to move in, might consider doing a little building site preparation. Because time is money, as the construction of your new energy-efficient prefabricated home is completed inside a climate controlled building facility, you can simultaneously prepare your building site for the big day.

In an attempt to accomplish two tasks on a parallel timeframe, strongly suggests the following building site improvement options, allowing for a seamless transition into your new manufactured home.

building site preparation

building site preparation

Building site improvement options included but not limited to:

  • Septic system
  • Wells
  • Driveway
  • Stub in Electrical
  • Porches and Decks
  • Foundation/Support System

After having selected the applicable building site improvements with your manufactured home building consultant, it will be time to start the application process. By working in conjunction with your local contractor to complete the necessary paperwork, you’ll be able to begin the installation of your new manufactured home significantly sooner. In each state and local municipality building and safety codes differ. As such, using a local contractor to help navigate the necessary permits and paperwork can help expedite the process.

Assuring a smooth transition into your new manufactured home, be sure to ask your home consultant any and all questions you may have. Patient, knowledgeable, and willing to help, these consultants can save time, money, and effort.

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Once you’ve selected your building site improvement options, your manufactured home consultant will guide you through the home installation process – step-by-step – answering any questions you may have, and assuring the move into your new manufactured home goes as easy as possible.

While each building site represents its own unique set of challenges, the entire construction and installation process goes much faster and smoother than building your average traditional stick built home on-site.

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