The American Dream of Homeownership is Becoming Illusive in the “Traditional Sense”

Today, homeownership is frequently cited as an example of attaining the American Dream. It is a symbol of financial success and independence, and it means an ability to control one’s own dwelling place instead of the whims of a landlord.

For many, the realization of that unique element of the American dream is becoming illusive in the traditional sense (site-built homes), as the affordability gap widens between hardworking low to middle income families and those in the upper range of wage earners.

There is a form of housing that bridges that affordability gap and is “everything a home should be” – today’s modern manufactured home – which is generally equal, and often superior, in every respect to a traditional site-built home and will have a cost up to 50% less than a comparably sized custom home constructed on site.

The following are several surprising – to many – advantages of becoming a manufactured homeowner.


  • Nearly 22,000,000 people in the U.S. live in manufactured housing, which opens the door to homeownership for families who, in many markets, cannot afford to buy a site-built home.



  • Manufactured housing is a significant source of unsubsidized quality affordable housing in the United States.



  • A manufactured home is a sound investment, with an original cost up to 50% less per square foot than a comparable traditional site-built home



  • Manufactured housing is the only form of home regulated by a federal building code, which includes health, safety, energy efficiency, and durability.



  • Manufactured homes/modular homes can open the door to quality homeownership for millions of families; they can appreciate value and be an effective long term affordable solution for families and communities across the country.



  • Multiple manufactured home financing choices are available, whether home is placed on private property or within a land-lease community. A manufactured home affixed to real estate will qualify for mortgage financing similar to a traditional site-built home, including FHA and VA. Because total consideration is lower, the required down payment required will be proportionately less.



  • The affordability of manufactured homes is due to the efficiency of the factory building process, utilizing the same building materials as site-built homes.



  • Technological advances allow manufactured home/modular home builders to offer a variety of architectural styles and finishes that will allow a manufactured home to blend seamlessly into most any neighborhood.



  • Greater flexibility in the construction process allows for customization to meet a homebuyer lifestyle and needs, including enhanced energy efficiency such as Energy Star-labelled homes for substantial savings in many aspects of owning a home and an array of amenities, decor features, and appliances.



  • Manufactured homes can be built and ready for “turn key” occupancy in a matter of weeks, as opposed to multiple months for a home built on site.



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