The Advantages of an Extra Bedroom When Ordering Your New Manufactured Home!

Typically, a manufactured home buyer’s first priority when shopping for a manufactured home will to be locate a desirable floor plan that has the required bedrooms to accommodate the number of family members or occupants of the home. Many consider only reviewing floor plans that have these minimum bedroom prerequisites, with the belief that having an extra bedroom(s) will dramatically increase the price of the home. However, that is not necessarily the case.

When utilizing the floor plan search feature of this website, you’ll find that many manufacturer’s models will display floor plans of the same size home with two, three, four, and sometimes five bedroom plan options.The price difference between a three bedroom and a four bedroom, for instance, is less than you might think when the basic plan and square footage is the same. You might ask, why would I need an extra bedroom?

One of the most important criteria affecting the resale value of any home is the number of bedrooms. A manufactured homes value is positively affected by the quantity of bedrooms, especially considering the return on investment as compared to the minimum outlay at the time of ordering a new manufactured home. So, what are the other advantages of an extra bedroom?  An extra non-sleeping bedroom may be a multi-purpose room for any number of uses to satisfy the varied lifestyles of many different home occupants.

Just some of the advantages might be:

  • – A children’s play room with built-in shelving for toys and playthings. Perhaps a quiet place with desk for child’s homework.
  • – A combination den, study, library, computer room with built-in bookshelves, and family record storage.
  • – An entertainment room with comfortable chairs for T.V. viewing. Built-in entertainment center cabinetry may be available as a manufacturer option.
  • – An exercise room with gym equipment.
  • – A music room for the musically inclined family member(s). Note: some manufacturers will allow you to purchase interior wall insulation to muffle the noise of the family musician.
  • – A room to display family photographs, collectibles, trophies crafts, crafts,antiques, keepsakes,etc.

The extra bedroom also could be used for additional indoor storage, or simply a guest bedroom for overnight guests or any other purpose that will add comfort and convenience to enhance the enjoyment of home ownership.

The modern manufactured home is unique; in that you can have a quality home the way you want it, in a short period of time and at a price far less than a site-built home (which may not be built as well as a manufactured home).

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