Top 10 Surprising Advantages of Manufactured Home and Modular Homeownership

The following is a reprise of an article we penned about sixteen months ago, near the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic, that aspiring homeowner may have missed.

“There is something permanent, and something extremely profound in owning a home”  – Kenny Guinn

Many would-be homeowners have never considered that the American dream of homeownership could be realized with the purchase of a new modern manufactured home or modular home, surprisingly foregoing an opportunity to realize all the advantages and enjoyment of becoming a homeowner. But why?

We will assume that there are those with preconceived notions passed down by generations of what manufactured homes/modular are not; they are not well built, they are not safe in the event of wind and occasions of fire, they don’t appreciate, they don’t look like a “real house,” they are difficult to finance, etc., etc. In fact, all of these assumptions and misnomers have been thoroughly debunked over the last 40 plus years.

The following are our top ten list of surprising – to many – advantages of owning today’s modern quality, factory-built housing that represents “everything a home should be,” and more.

(The first four listed advantages are taken from the text of US. Senate pending legislation (S.1804) encouraging localities to support manufactured homes in mitigating the effects of the affordable housing crisis).


  • Nearly 22,000,000 people in the United States live in manufactured housing, which is the door to homeownership for families who, in many housing markets cannot afford to buy a site-built home.


  • Manufactured housing is a significant source of unsubsidized quality affordable homes in the United States.


  •  Manufactured homes are the only form of housing regulated by a federal building code, which includes health, safety, energy efficiency, and durability, and is found on land owned by the homeowner or leased by the homeowner in communities owned and operated by private entities, non-profit organizations or resident-owned communities.


  • Manufactured homes/modular homes can open the door to quality homeownership for millions; they can appreciate value and be an effective long-term affordable solution for families and communities across the country.


  • A manufactured home is a sound investment, with a cost up to 50% less per square foot than a comparable traditional site-built home, equal and often superior in quality of construction, appearance, and amenities.


  • Multiple manufactured home financing choices are available, whether a home is placed on private property or within a land-lease community. A manufactured home affixed to real estate will qualify for mortgage financing similar to a traditional site-built home, including FHA and V.A. Because the total consideration is lower, the required down payment requirement will be proportionately less.


  • The affordability of manufactured homes is due to the efficiency of the factory building process, utilizing the same building materials as site-built homes. The controlled environment and assembly-line techniques remove many of the problems encountered during traditional on-site home construction, such as weather, theft, vandalism, etc.


  • Technological advances allow manufactured home/modular home builders to offer a variety of architectural styles and finishes that will allow a manufactured home to blend seamlessly into most any neighborhood.


  • Greater flexibility in the construction process allows for customization to meet a homebuyer lifestyle and needs, including enhanced energy efficiency such as Energy Star-labeled manufactured homes/modular homes for substantial savings in many aspects of owning and operating a home, and an array of amenities, decor, fixtures, and appliances


  • Manufactured homes can be built and ready for “turn-key” occupancy in a matter of weeks, as opposed to multiple months for a home built on-site.

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