A Manufactured Home Is Everything A Home Should Be

It has been well chronicled that the dream of home ownership is the main component to a “good life” for the majority of us in this country. According to a study conducted by the National Association of Realtors, 87 percent of those polled cited home ownership as being the number one criteria for defining a“good life.”

In the struggling U.S. economy and the escalating prices of site-built homes, the goal of obtaining your own home has become harder than ever before. However, the dream of affordable home ownership is being attained by nearly one-third of new homeowners who have chosen a manufactured home as their choice for quality housing.

With a manufactured home you can customize the room arrangement and features to match your needs and lifestyle. If a member of your family has special needs, the home can be built to those requirements as well. A manufactured home can be placed in a location of your choosing, be it a manufactured housing community, or on rural private property. A new manufactured home can also be built to blend in within a residential setting and will be virtually indistinguishable from other site-built homes.

All manufactured homes are constructed to the federally mandated HUD code. This code guarantees quality construction with energy efficient upgrades and technology. The fire, wind, and storm safety requirements for a manufactured home are typically superior to site-built homes.The controlled environments where manufactured homes are constructed play a significant role in the home’s craftsmanship and timely completion.

Contrary to what many people think, a manufactured home will retain its value and/or appreciate under the same conditions as a comparable site-built home. In other words, if the manufactured home is attached to real property, it is considered real estate–just like a site-built home. A manufactured home that is placed and attached to real property can be financed with the same terms and conditions as site built homes making home ownership that much more achievable.

The most appealing feature of today’s manufactured home is the affordability. A new manufactured home will cost anywhere from 15 to 35 percent less than a comparable site built home. If you familiarize yourself with the many features and advantages of today’s new manufactured home, you would realize that the dream of owning your own home is more likely than you may have thought.

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