10.3 Million Manufactured Home 3D Virtual Reality Tours Experienced Here at Manufacturedhomes.com

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic”  – Arthur C. Clarke (author)


It is likely, but difficult to quantify, that a majority of the approximately 300,000 new manufactured home buyers over the last three years have utilized the resources of ManufacturedHomes.com to locate the home they eventually purchased.

That reasonable assumption is based on confirmed statistics that manufactured home shoppers have taken 10.3 Million 3D Virtual Reality Tours of actual available manufactured home models from across the nation, here at ManufacturedHomes.com

Since 2011  ManufacturedHomes.com and companion sites, ModularHomes.com, and ManufacturedHome.loan, have become the preeminent and most visited sources where thousands of home shoppers have begun their quest towards manufactured homeownership from the comfort and privacy of home.

Management personnel at ManufacturedHomes.com and companion sites are professionals with decades of experience in every aspect of the manufactured housing industry including retailing, manufacturing and 

lending, with an original goal of providing manufactured home shoppers superior hassle-free experience in locating the perfect home to satisfy family requirements, needs, wants and within affordable budgets.

Combining those manufactured home industry experiences and knowledge with creative technology has fulfilled the company’s original vision to create the ultimate home shopping experience for manufactured home shoppers, with positive results, that heretofore not available in the manufactured housing industry. 

In late 2015, the company paired the unprecedented volume of manufactured home floor plans, models, construction specifications, homebuyer tips and industry resources with the new 3D VIRTUAL REALITY TOUR technology. As previously noted, shoppers have experienced 10.3 million self-navigated tours since late 2015. Those shopper visits are growing proportionately every day as our library of professionally produced 3D tours continues to expand.   
Here at MANUFACTUREDHOMES.COM we are the nation’s most comprehensive source “for everything manufactured housing has to offer.” You are invited to tour hundreds of selected 3D virtual tours of actual model homes located across the nation, explore 1,000’s of floorplans, models, construction specifications, informative blogs, purchasing tips and much more. Entire your location on home page search bar to explore a wide selection of homes near you. Find a home (or homes) you love and request a no-obligation Custom Price Quote from the comfort and privacy of home.

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